Bye bye bitter self

So my bitterness from this morning is gone (well mostly). I was able to make all of my appointments. I have my HSG Friday morning at 9 and then my follow up with the RE Aug 10th. From there we come up with a plan!! From what we talked about at our last appt I’m guessing it will involve IUI, just not sure which types of meds.

I’m still working on formatting the blog. I added our timeline and some of the other blogs I like to read. I still haven’t gotten to add them all, that takes awhile! So please don’t feel bad if you aren’t on there yet!


August 1, 2007. HSG, IUI, plans.


  1. watitng for His time replied:

    It is nice knowing you have a plan on its way. Good luck on your HSG.

  2. LJ replied:

    There are two ways to keep your blogroll up to date that I’ve used. Both are blogreaders: Bloglines and Google Reader. There’s HTML code that you can use for each one to embed them in your blog. It’ll stay organized too! Let me know if you need help…

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