Brought to you by the emotion…


I’m getting more and more nervous for my HSG tomorrow morning. Not so much about the procedure itself, I’m viewing that as a step forward. Mostly just the unknown of it. And the fact that right afterwards we’re getting in the car and driving to NY for my niece’s birthday. We’ll be staying with my mother-in-law.

Which brings me to a whole other set of emotions. Mr H. went up to see them one weekend in June when I had to work. He decided to tell his mother about our IF (apparently he thought I had said I was ok to start telling people…I was not).

So I think the emotion of the weekend is going to be dread. I’m dreading her saying something to me about the IF and I’m equally dreading her saying nothing and it being awkward. Hopefully all the focus will be on my niece and my sister in law, who’s about 6 months pregnant.


August 2, 2007. family, feelings.


  1. Tarahville replied:

    Good luck with your HSG tomorrow, I’m hoping that everything is clear. Don’t worry about your MIL, just go and do your thing and if it comes up, it comes up. You’ll cross that bridge when you get to it. Good luck with everything! Tarah~

  2. watitng for His time replied:

    Thanks for the comment. Good luck with your HSG. I’ll be praying for you this weekend. Maybe DH could say something to your MIL about not mentioning your IF this weekend. If it is ok with you, he could suggest talking about it at a different time (a time that you could call her when you felt like it).Hope you get a nice new laptop. Got to love what they give us teachers. What do you teach?

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