Thank goodness….

1. for smart people. This is not meant to offend anyone who may not be smart, but I had such a great group of people in training that I was able to finish a day and a half early!! I think we’ve brought in the best group of new staff in years. I am so glad to be finished with that. I was actually able to finish moving into my new office today and actually feel like I can finally be productive again….although I haven’t started working on that article yet.

2. for weekends away. We just decided to go away for Labor Day weekend. We found a place where Mr. H (who, btw, is going to come up with a good blog name for himself, I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seat) can play golf and I can go to the spa. We really need this. We’ve been so focused on saving money for all of our treatments. Quite honestly, I’m usually obsessive about each cycle and I’ve finally chilled out and accepted that it’s not going to happen on its own. The place we’re staying (w.intergreen resort for you locals) has 1 bedroom condos so we’ll have a kitchen and living area. There also happens to be a wine festival there that weekend, so they’ll be one little perk to not being pregnant!


August 23, 2007. fun stuff, work stuff.


  1. Fertilize Me replied:

    YAH!! All sounds fantastic

  2. Reproductive Jeans replied:

    Oooo I LOVE spas…not that I have been to a fancy one, so I hope you have a blast=)

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