Why I’m not a drug addict…among other things

I do NOT like needles!! And I suppose there are other reasons too, but right now the anti-needle thing is ranking pretty high.

We had our injections class yesterday. I thought I’d feel so much better about shooting up after it but no, that needle looks quiet sharp and pointy. It didn’t help that the nurse leading the class was pregnant. Now I know she’s still allowed to work and everything, but couldn’t she take a behind the scenes job or something like that?!?!

Also our nurse ordered all my meds for next month. I think I need to do a little research on the pharmacies and everything. We’re paying out of pocket for all the injectibles and from what I’ve read, some places are cheaper than others.

Had a busy, short week. Actually made it to the gym twice so I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m going to try to use this month off to focus all my getting pregnant energy into getting healthy. I’ve gained 20 pounds since I got on this ride and am so disgusted with myself. I’ve got a friend who puts on her wedding dress every 6 months to make sure it still fits. And while I agree that is pretty damn neurotic and probably a sign of some body image disorder or something (this same friend has a pair of jeans from high school that she also puts on every 6 months), I know there is no way I could get mine over my new found ass and the 2007 edition of my hips. And forget about something from high school, I was a full 50 pounds lighter then….although those were my maniac cross country running days and I looked like a boy…but still. I’d be happy if I could drop 5 pounds before the IUI. And then I wouldn’t need to go out an buy new pants either.

I think the biggest culprit is my nightly glass(es) of wine. But they really save my mental health, which leaves me with a bit of a decision. Mental health vs. physical health. Sanity vs. fitting into my pants. hmmm…..I’m afraid this makes me sound like I have some sort of a problem. Which I don’t…I swear (this also makes it sound like I have a problem). But really, I greatly decrease my wine to maybe once a week during the 2ww…just happens I go on a 3-4 week long binge leading up to it!

Time to get off my ass and get it to the gym. Maybe if I had a fancy gym like Cece wrote about the other day it’d be easier to get myself there…but knowing me probably not.


September 8, 2007. getting healthy, IUI.


  1. Fertilize Me replied:

    I have information on injectibles and meds – send me your email address or email me at Farahbeth at gmail dot com. I looked on your profile but there is no email listed. I just recently did the injectibles this past few weeks so i have some numbers I can pass along to you if you want them. As for the wine – its not a problem at all!! Mental health affects physicall health and vice versa!

  2. Sunny replied:

    Oh I totally understand about the weight and the wine. There is no way I can give it up for my physical state. 🙂 It is my mental health plan!!!! I keep telling myself I will drop it once I do my next IUI. We shall see how it goes. With losing weight and IF you have to be in a place where you can put your energy into it. If you aren’t don’t drive yourself crazy trying to.

  3. Heather replied:

    I look at it this way: wine=mental health, going out shopping for new pants=retail therapy.Drink up!

  4. LJ replied:

    I’m with Heather. I have put on 20 lbs over the last two years of IF. I’m gonna start swimming (it’s only been what, 17 years since I did that?) again, and just try for maintenance. Loss is just not in the cards right now, and I have no interest in not drinking.

  5. Pamela Jeanne replied:

    Thank you so much for your comment! Really makes me feel good to know that I’m not alone with my thinking. As for the wine — you and me, well it sounds like we could be dangerous together. Sending all kinds of good wishes your way on next month’s cycle. I’m going to add your blog to my reader so I can stay up to date. Best, PJ

  6. chicklet replied:

    Wine and the husband are the only thing that get me through this sanely. A little wine here and there until we KNOW we’re knocked up, oh well. I tried the “clean” route, that didn’t work, so fuck it – wine wine wine!Now I sound like the one with the problem…

  7. dmarie replied:

    Good for you hitting the gym!I’ve given up boozing it up recently. Temporarily. But get this–I’ve gained a few pounds?!!!

  8. Changing Expectations replied:

    Europeans drink wine all damn day. I am convinced that wine is good for you! As is chocolate.Bonus – both are good for mental health!

  9. Debby replied:

    i’m the proud owner of 20 lbs over past 2 years as well. 5 from wine, 5 from dirty martinis, 5 from margaritas and 5 from beer. I”m an equal opportunity kind of girl for my liquor. 🙂

  10. Diana replied:

    Trust me~! The shots are not that bad. They are scary at first but you do get used to them pretty quickly. It will all be worth it!

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