Greetings from Bitter-ville!

Why do so many women feel the need to bring their babies to work? Especially when one works in a germ-y school. Three people today brought their 12-18 month old in. I’m sure I’ll do it too, but right now, I just don’t get it.

And why, when these women bring their babies to work, does everyone else have to comment on how hard it must be to work and have a baby? No shit it’s hard to juggle, but everyone has a life outside of their work they are trying to balance. Working moms don’t have the market cornered on that one.

And tonight is back to school night and I know several of the parents are going to comment on my wine and Chubby Hubby belly and ask if I have any announcements for them…


September 19, 2007. arg.


  1. Jenna replied:

    Open House… grrr The only nights worse are the conferences. YUCK! I was so damn sure I’d get to not be at those this year. Hope it’s not too bad for you.http://epilogue.inconceivablejourney.com

  2. Fertilize Me replied:

    YUCK ,,, hope you can make the best of it

  3. Pamela Jeanne replied:

    Why? Because they want to show the world just how magnificent their progeny truly is. I don’t see any other reason — other than to irritate other people that is…okay, feeling bitter with you tonight.

  4. The Town Criers replied:

    Oy–how was Back to School night? I always hated it because I worked a full day and then still had to be “on” for another few hours at night. All I wanted to do was go home and I had to smile brightly.Are you coming to the D.C. bloggers get together this weekend? It’s on Sunday. Let me know if you need details.

  5. The Town Criers replied:

    Never mind–I just saw on Lindsay’s blog that you’re coming 🙂 Ignore me. I’ll see you this weekend.

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