good morning to me

Love waking up to this email from my cousin…

Hello Everyone!

As most of you know K & S had pictures taken at G.lamour Shots a while back. Those photos were entered into a contest & the grand prize is a $3000 savings bond, however Glamour Shots did not tell us that it was based on outside votes! If you get a chance to get on the website & give the gals a vote it would be greatly appreciated! J Go to click on the “contests” tab, then click on Kids Portrait Contest/ browse & vote, then go to 0-1 & search by first name “S” & vote, & then go to 2-4 & search by first name “K” & vote! Pass this on to everyone you know! THANKS, Casie! J

Nothing I wanted to do more this morning then scan through hundreds of pages of adorable little babies. Being a good cousin, I did but it sucked.

**and I am SOOOO not sending this out so other people can vote…that’s why I took their names out 🙂


September 25, 2007. arg, family.


  1. LJ replied:

    Yikes. I hope my begging for votes didn’t come off like that!!

  2. Meghan replied:

    LJ–not at all!! I gladly voted for you from 3 different computers a day! And if this particular cousin-in-law hadn’t also entered herself in a ‘hot mom’ radio contest and wasn’t modeling her girls all over the place, I probably wouldn’t have been so annoyed. Of course, if I had my own little adorable baby I wouldn’t have cared one bit…that’s really what it comes down to

  3. chicklet replied:

    Oh dear god.

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