What to watch??

Good TV is tonight (that is what I’ve called Thursday night TV since college) AND my Traveling DVD arrived in the mail yesterday…what’s a girl to do?

TGI Tivo is all I can say


September 27, 2007. fun stuff.


  1. dmarie replied:

    I know! My TIVO will be busy. I got conflicts too. I’m going to have to TIVO downstairs and watch other stuff upstairs! lol I have no life!

  2. Fertilize Me replied:

    My TIVO has had more action then a 2 dollah hookah lately. Trying to figure out what shows I am going to watch and such …..decisions decisions

  3. LJ replied:

    Well, you know my vote: Grey’s live, since I will quiz people on it tomorrow. The office on Tivo. That’s my say.

  4. Jenna replied:

    What was life like before DVR and TiVo? I don’t remember how we all existed. Funny, it’s like when I talk to my students about how I use to use a word processor and they look at me as if I was talking about the first moveable type set.http://epilogue.inconceivablejourney.com

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