I am the decider!

I am usually the worst at making any decision. It can seriously take me 20 minutes to get dressed in the morning if I don’t have everything planned out already. And Mr H is just as bad. Put us together and it’s trouble.

We had our hot date at Home Depot last night (married life is exciting, huh) to pick out everything for the kitchen and I was dreading it. We had to get a faucet, pick out tile, grout, cabinet hardware, and paint. The only easy thing was going to be the garbage disposal, since we were going for the cheapest one. I figured we would be there for hours on end. Instead we were spot on with our decisions. We have never worked this fast or this well on anything. Tile took 15 minutes and paint only about 20. And, to top it all off, we both really like everything we picked out.

In a weird way, I credit the IF for this. We are so much better at communicating and prioritizing now than we were a few months ago. And we both recognize that these are not the most important decisions we’re going to be making any time soon. Putting it all into perspective really helped. Mr H was stressing about the paint and then we both realized that if we don’t like it, it’s paint….we’ll just re-do it. Paint was not something that should be causing any extra stress in our lives right now.

So hopefully we weren’t too relaxed in our decision making. The demo of the old kitchen starts Monday so lots to do this weekend. And we’re still hoping that he’ll finish up early and have time to do the breakfast bar, there’s no guarantee…but I will offer him to pick him up dinner if he’s staying šŸ˜‰

And thanks for the kind words for my cousin. Everything we’ve gone through with IF has really helped me deal with that. After her email I gave her a call and just said I’m so sorry, this must be so hard for you, please know that I’m here if you need anything. She called me back the next day and said I was the only person that didn’t offer her stupid advice (we can all relate to that), a stupid comment about how much better being single will be (hmm…similar to those enjoy sleeping through the night comments) or their own sob story. Pretty sad that most people just don’t know how to react to bad news.

Guess if you look hard enough you can find a silver lining in just about anything.


October 11, 2007. everyday stuff, IF.


  1. Fertilize Me replied:

    oh fun …kitchem work .a nd grats to making decisional headway!! I bet your totally brightened your cousin’s week

  2. JJ replied:

    So glad you could be there for your cousin–its amazing what a little kindness can do–and you clearly did that (and more!) for her…Have fun with the kitchen!

  3. LJ replied:

    I agree on the communication thing. IF sucks, but I swear I’ve never been as close as I am now to Mr. Badger. We know how to talk through the difficult stuff, so picking out paint – I’m right there with ya girl.

  4. dmarie replied:

    yes, IF will either make you better at communication or tear you apart. good luck with the kitchen demo. I hope you get your bar šŸ™‚

  5. Diana replied:

    Please post before and after pics!!!

  6. chicklet replied:

    I wanna do my kitchen but can’t get the husband inspired to take on teh work. Maybe a little romantic date to Home Depot will help us like it helped you.

  7. Geohde replied:

    Yes, it is true about the silver lining.Some times it takes a hellva lot more searching, but there often is one.J

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