Spotting used to be my nemesis, my Newman if you will. It would start super early (sometimes as early as 3 dpo). I hated it. Now I actually had a dream last night where I started spotting and I was ecstatic!!!! I know I supposedly ovulated last week and I can NOT wait to get this ridiculously llloooooooonnnnnnggggg cycle over and get on with it. I’m on CD 51 and that is just not cool.

May my dreams come true tonight… 😉

takes on a whole different tone now


October 23, 2007. arg.


  1. Fertilize Me replied:

    Last time I will cheer for AF …. BRING IT ON!!!!

  2. Geohde replied:

    No, CD 51 is not cool at all.Where’s that damn AF? Let me see if I can round her up for you…J

  3. LJ replied:

    Seriously, I hate long cycles. I basically demand prometrium.

  4. Debby replied:

    ugh…..crazy long cycle! Been there many a times and feel your pain and impatience.

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