It’s about time

CD 55 and I’ve finally started spotting. I guess that means the drs office was right last week. Today marks the first time I have come out of a bathroom cheering because I was spotting! (and probably also marks the last). I usually have anywhere from 5-7 days of spotting before AF shows but at least I know things are moving in the right direction.

This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time either. We drove up to NY to see our new niece yesterday. I spent some quality time with her and told her she needed to be my good luck charm. So far she’s doing her job. We took our other niece out for some quality time with Aunt Meghan and Uncle Adam for lunch. She’s got to be the most adorable 2 year old. And boy can that kid scarf down the pizza, she’s definitely part of my husband’s family!! I’ve been holding up surprisingly well. Yes, I do want a family, but I don’t want their family…if that makes any sense. And now that Spot has shown up, I know I’ll make it through the next few days just fine.

We’re driving back to DC Saturday night to watch my brother and his fiance run the Marine Corps Marathon Sunday. Think good thoughts for them, no rain and not too hot!


October 26, 2007. family, IUI.


  1. Geohde replied:

    This feels twisted, but congrats on the spotting 🙂J

  2. elephantscanremember replied:

    I hope this cycle brings great joy for you!

  3. chicklet replied:

    I’m not sure how to react either, but if yer excited, that’s all that matters – woohoo!

  4. Fertilize Me replied:

    last time i cheer for AF for you .. !!!

  5. Jenna replied:

    Hurray for spotting! A fresh start always makes me feel better.

  6. Sunny replied:


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