Another milestone

Happy Monday!
Today marks CD 58. Unless AF shows up in the next few hours this is officially my longest cycle ever. I think that deserves some recognition so I’ll be having a pity party for myself tonight complete with comfort food (either mac and cheese or chinese, still deciding), copious amounts of red wine, and my DVR. I can not wait!

Hopefully the end is in sight. I’m still spotting and have those double over in pain cramps. My pre-authorization for this IUI ends on the 31st though. And in August when it got approved that seemed like light years away. I just remembered this morning so hopefully our financial person can get it re-upped before CD 3 rolls around (see me all being hopeful and optimistic).


October 29, 2007. arg, IUI.


  1. Fertilize Me replied:

    I have faith that they will get it re-approved – and you deserve wine and i vote chinese … eat up my friend

  2. JJ replied:

    Ill come join your party=) BUT I do hope that your cycle comes to an end soon–and that you can get on board for an IUI with approved coverage!Hoping for you=)

  3. Laura replied:

    I like lasagna for my pity parites. Lasagna and wine. But mac and cheese sounds pretty darn good too!I hope your financial person can get you re-approved quickly!

  4. jenna sais quoi replied:

    I totally vote for the Chinese too. Hopefully, you can find a place that is open on Monday night!I will get out my insurance voodoo doll and see what we can get accomplishes vis-a-vis your next cycle.

  5. Pamela Jeanne replied:

    I’ve got a bottle of red, too. Can I join you? I’m in the midst of AF and am sick to death of her…

  6. Geohde replied:

    I can advance you 58 to…let me see….about 150 days 🙂Here’s hoping the cramps mean that you can start afresh soon.J

  7. Trish replied:

    Come on AF!

  8. ~Carrie replied:

    So sorry you have to deal with stubborn AF as well as the pre-auth. concern. I hope AF has shown up as I write this. If the party is still in progress, can I join in? I’ll bring extra wine!

  9. SaraS-P replied:

    I’ve only ever made to CD40 (since I started keeping track, I know I went an entire semester in grad school with no AF), but I know that it must be really frustrating. Aren’t our bodies supposed to be able to handle this?I hope you get out of this soon!

  10. Debby replied:

    Red wine and mass amounts of chocolate and french fries with ranch. An odd combination….but that would be my pity party choice. Party like a rock star cause you deserve it!

  11. Kristen replied:

    Ugh, the evil witch made her way to me today so I’ll be sure to make sure she pays you a visit too. I HATE long cycles!Lots of hugs and chocolate coming your way 🙂

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