Cleaning out my closet

So, in the spirit of Infertility Awareness week, we decided to come out of the closet. We just sent out an email containing our big (un) announcement and invited 21 of our close friends and family (our inner circle I guess) to view another blog we set up. That blog has a little bit of our history, a lot of infertility awareness, and we’ll use it to keep people as up to date as we want on our current treatments. Mr H and I had talked about it a lot and we know that we are missing out on an extensive support network. Plus, I have all of you amazing ladies as a sounding board, to dump on, and to pick me up when I can’t quite do it myself. Mr H has nobody, just me, and I haven’t been too good about picking anyone up lately. So we’re out…

And as soon as I hit send I burst into tears for about 15 minutes. Not sure WTF I was thinking….but it’s done….that’s the beauty of the internet, there’s no taking it back at this point. I’m ok, I know I will be ok with it but I’m just a little bit scared about putting myself out there. Seems like there are so many more opportunities to get hurt….and it doesn’t take much. I’m pretty freakin fragile (I must be Italian, huh??).

So we’ll see how it goes. Worst case scenario I take down the blog and pretend I never sent that email. My family’s Irish Catholic….we can easily forget or repress anything 😉


November 8, 2007. family, IF.


  1. Geohde replied:

    Hon, you probably did the right thing.Support is so important,xxJ

  2. Shelby replied:

    I agree here. Support is so nice to have, and you’ll find it in the least expected places. I’m very glad that we were open with our families and friends, because they were really there for us, which helped so much.I really hope the same thing happens for you.

  3. Jen replied:

    I am impressed that you were brave enough to come out. I hope you don’t have to repress it. I just tagged you for an eight random things post. Someone else tagged me and I am passing it on. The rules are on my blog post for today, if you want to play along.

  4. Baby Steps to Baby Shoes replied:

    That was an extremely brave thing to do! I am bursting my buttons in pride for a fellow blogger.

  5. JJ replied:

    That is a BRAVE thing for both of you to do–I am humbled by it. I have thought many times about telling more of our friends and family…but Im just not there yet. Im so glad you made this step, and I hope it rewards you many times over.

  6. Diana replied:

    You did a very brave thing! I am proud of you and DH!! I found a lot of support when I did this, I hope you find lots of support too.

  7. chicklet replied:

    I think it’s awesome you had the courage to do it. I hope you get nothing but good responses.

  8. SarahSews replied:

    I found you from a comment on my blog and I just wanted to say I’m so sorry for the crappy week you’ve had! After that I wouldn’t have wanted to share my pain with the world. Coming out of the closet was brave. And it can be a huge thing, not just for you but for the other IFs your friends and family know who aren’t out yet. Hope some goodness and support come your way.

  9. Michell replied:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’m sorry that you too are going through this yuckiness this week but here’s to hoping it all moves along quickly with the next IUI.

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