Did it!

First injection done!

Whew! I managed not to psych myself out too much. Had a little bit of a problem drawing it out of the vial and lost a little (is it bad that I wanted to lick it off my counters???) Injection itself didn’t hurt at all, but I totally get why so many of you call it Folli-sting.

Thanks for all of your pep talks and advice. I iced myself all up and also put the needle in the fridge.

Off to watch good tv (and maybe have some ice cream too….I earned it, right??)


November 16, 2007. injections, IUI #1.


  1. Jen replied:

    Absolutely. Double ice cream.Glad it wasn’t so bad. It will only get easier as you get better at it.

  2. infertility just sucks replied:

    HAAAAA!!!! Lick it off the counter!!! Now *that* is funniest thing about injectibles I have ever heard.(No doubt the same thought would have occurred to me. And I might have done it too.)Glad you got this done – they first one of anything is always the toughest.

  3. The Town Criers replied:

    You did earn it! Good for you 🙂 Go Meghan, go Meghan.

  4. Fertilize Me replied:

    woo hooo i am glad its over and done with

  5. Geohde replied:

    The jabs very quickly get very routine 🙂Ice-schmice!You’re doing fine,J

  6. Shelby replied:

    Definitely go for the ice cream!! Great job! I think the first one is definitley the worst. Good luck this cycle!!!

  7. jennifercarol replied:

    Of course you deserve ice cream! Mmm…just thinking about it makes me want to go grab a pink of Haagen Daaz butter pecan right now!

  8. Bean replied:

    congrats on getting throught the first injection with flying colors. I remembered (way back when) how nervous I was and then surprised at how relatively easy it was. Thanks for all your kind comments — I really appreciate it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you this cycle.

  9. Diana replied:

    Good job!!! YAY you!!!! You Rock!!!

  10. mchope replied:

    Congrats on getting through your first injection! I will be doing my first follistim in a few hours. I’m kind of intrigued by this whole injection pen concept…very high tech. Hope you had and enjoyed some ice cream!

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