Slow and steady **updated at bottom**

Had my bloodwork and ultrasound today. Scan showed one 17 mm follicle on the left, a 13 on the right, and a few smaller ones on both. I had been hoping for at least 3-4 decent sized ones but I guess I’ll take two….it’s certainly more than I’ve ever had at this point in the game. So I go back tomorrow for another scan, although I doubt the 17 will grow that much in a day. My nurse is going to call sometime today to let me know if I should take another F.ollistim or just let them do their growing on their own.

Other than that, had burgers and bowling night yesterday and I actually almost beat Mr H (I’m a terrible bowler). Must be all those Wii tournaments we have πŸ˜‰ Today we’ve got a big day…a little Ik.ea, a little Tar.get, good times!

** update (I didn’t want to waste my 100th post on a silly update…I know, I’m a dork)

nurse called and told me to take another 75 iu of F.ollistim tonight and to come in for another scan on Monday. I hope this lets the 13 catch up!

thanks for all the info and good wishes!


November 17, 2007. fun stuff, IUI #1.


  1. Jen replied:

    I am a horrible bowler. When we go with friends, I have more fun if I just watch. Good luck on the scan.

  2. Fertilize Me replied:

    i too suck at bowling, but really have fun at it. THose follie sizes are just peachy for and iui – 2 is great. Wishing you good things

  3. chicklet replied:

    I suck at bowling too:-)Wishing you good luck on this one, I hope those two do what you need.

  4. Geohde replied:

    1-2mm/ day. More when you surge to oculate. 17 mm is probably about big enough to contain a mature egg. πŸ™‚Not long now πŸ™‚J

  5. Fertilize Me replied:

    hoping and praying

  6. SaraS-P replied:

    hoping for good progress and follie growth…

  7. Kristen replied:

    I’m not a great bowler either, but I have my moments when I get in a groove. I tend to twist my wrist so I always feed the gutter, LOL.I really hope the 13 catches up but those sizes sound great! Here’s to 2 great big follies πŸ™‚ XOXO

  8. Lea Bee replied:

    17mm is good. fingers crossed for you πŸ™‚

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