Need everyone’s help

First, before I get to what I need help on let me state the obvious. Pr.ometrium is the devil, no doubt about it. I am slowly turning into a crazy person. I hate what this does to me. Today I’ve been this little insecure thing, ready to either lash out or burst into tears at a moments notice.

Thanks for all of the insurance tips. I never thought that switching would make a difference. In fact, I was scared to switch in case suddenly all of this became a pre-existing condition. I will have Mr H talk to his HR people about it all. It’s open season at his work and we looked at a lot of other plans but ours actually had the best coverage so we’ll stick with it for now.

Ok, here’s where I’m hoping someone out there in blogland knows someone or has a cousin of step sister’s in law’s dogwalker (you know, the one that always ends up pregnant while on the pill) in the jewelry bizz. When we got engaged, I bought Mr H a really nice Br.ietling watch as his engagement watch. I figured I shouldn’t be the only one with something nice to wear. About 2 months later, his dad passed away and left him his old Tag watch. Both are really nice watches and both look almost exactly the same. Last year I went to the jeweler’s to see if I could get a leather band for the Tag, so they’d be different and he might wear it more. They told me they couldn’t do it. Now I’m about to start a much more aggressive campaign for info but if anyone out there knows a jeweler, a watchmaker (does such a profession still exist??) please let me know. I am determined to get him this!

6dpiui now and realized that I haven’t started spotting yet. I’m a little scared that I’m starting to get my hopes up. I pretty much always start spotting between 4-7 dpo. I really want to keep on being all pissy and negative (it’s such a flattering light to portray myself in, right?) Just going to keep on sitting tight…..I freaking hate waiting!


November 27, 2007. 2ww, help, IUI #1.


  1. Fertilize Me replied:

    wish i could help withhte watch .. but good luck on the continued waiting .. thinking postively

  2. Jen replied:

    About the pre-existing condition, I believe that insurance companies are required to cover all pre-existing conditions as long as you have no lapse in coverage. I know that is true in my state. They don’t have to cover them if you have a lapse in coverage (the thought being that people don’t get treatment during the lapse and their condition gets worse, wouldn’t happen with fertility). But they usually do cover pre-existing conditions after a waiting period even if you have a lapse. So, in the worst case, you might have to wait to resume treatments, but should still be able to get them. I know this is pretty obvious, but did you ask at lots of different jewelers? When I was looking for my miscarriage ring, I went to lots of different stores looking for the exact right one until one store said they could make one for me. None of the other stores said anything like that. So, it might just be a case of asking the right person.

  3. katd replied:

    The waiting is the pits, isn’t it? The not spotting seems like a great sign. Sending good thoughts! 🙂

  4. Maria replied:

    The waiting is always the worst. Sorry I can’t help with the watchmaker thing, but like Jen said, I would ask around. Ugh, I hate progesterone too!! It turns me into a depressed, crazy, anxious, insomniac that no one wants to be around. And I have to start mine tomorrow. Yikes!

  5. Frenchie replied:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see we’re both on our first IUI. Good luck!!!!

  6. peesticksandstones replied:

    Arg, I’d rather roll around in a Follistim cactus than pop those damn progesterone pills. For me, it just magnifies every imagined 2WW pregnancy symptom by 1,000 and makes me totally insane. I’ve been wondering how the shots the progesterone-on-oil folks do during IVF are in comparison side-effect-wise to Prometrium (way worse?).

  7. jenna sais quoi replied:

    Freaking Prometrium. That’s one thing I don’t miss. It’s like hosing your hoo-ha down with Elmer’s glue. That, plus the crazies that come along with it…erk.

  8. Debby replied:

    try jj watch jewelry repair in fair oaks mall….or Nupin goldsmith on waples mill road. not 100% sure they can help….but i’ve used both in past for other things and they’ve been great.and hooray for no spotting!

  9. Yoka replied:

    I so hold my thumbs crossed for you!!! Maybe we can start a group: Crazy in NOVA (I live there as well)… 🙂

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