one day to go

I need someone to help me figure out why, with the roads barely wet and a few little flurries falling, my 35 minute commute needs to take over 2 hours. Why?? It was ridiculous this morning. People are just idiots sometimes. A women decided to stop 2 lanes of traffic in order to get her side mirror that was crumpled on the highway. They aren’t putting it back on lady! And yet you felt the need to block off these 2 lanes for 5 minutes while you picked up the pieces of you car….get out of the freakin road, you’ve got bigger problems than the mirror, your car is completely smooshed. Between the traffic and the meds, I was really ready to run her over. Instead, I sat there fuming thinking ‘I SO need to move back north’. But at least it was a 2 hour distraction.

To add to the minus column, really bad cramps last night, AF style. But for the plus side, this is my longest LP ever. So we’re still pretty even. Had a google emergency last night. About 2 hours after inserting my Pr.ometrium, I went to the bathroom, and the capsule fell out. I really wanted to take another but everything I found said that if its in for 20 minutes, you got all the meds. Hoping Dr Google is right. Of course that couldn’t have happened with my morning dose so I could call the nurse.

Thanks again for the support and good wishes. I’ll be testing tomorrow morning before my beta. Not sure when I’ll be able to update that day


December 5, 2007. 2ww, arg, IUI #1.


  1. Shelby replied:

    Good luck tomorrow!! I had the same thought this morning- what is with these people?! I ended up staying home anyways, but my husband left for his 15 minute commute, and an hour later, turned around about 2 miles from our house, because he had moved less than 1/4 mile in 30 minutes. Just nuts.

  2. JJ replied:

    You are being so strong! Sending you GOOD thoughts for tomorrow–I have a good feeling;)

  3. Fertilize Me replied:

    Way to be strong and brave. Sending positive thoughts your way

  4. jennifercarol replied:

    I’m sending you lots of BFP vibes for tomorrow!!!I can relate on the snow thing. Between hills, the rarity of snow and a total of like 10 snow plows, just an inch or 2 causes total chaos!

  5. deanna replied:

    YAY for the super-long LP!!! Really hoping that’s a sign of good things to come tomorrow!Sending lots of good-luck wishes!

  6. Maria replied:

    Good Luck Tomorrow!! I’m sending you tons of baby dust!! The progesterone has also helped with my lpd.LOL, people only ever know how to handle snow in the north!!!

  7. Yoka replied:

    I love the way you vent about the D.C. rush hour traffic. Fortunately I can avoid it most of the time because I take the metro (not that metro service is much better).I can’t wait to hear from you tomorrow. Still holding thumbs and toes crossed.

  8. Geohde replied:

    Good luck tomorrow.xJ

  9. Diana replied:

    Good luck tomorrow!!!

  10. Jen replied:

    Good luck! All typos are because my fingers are crossed for you. And the same things happens whenever it snows here in Boise. It rarely does snow, so everyone cannot drive in it.

  11. Changing Expectations replied:

    Thinking about you and hoping for good news tomorrow.

  12. Adriane Yates-Cook replied:

    Hope you get good news today!

  13. Sunny replied:

    I got into a small fender bender yesterday in the wonderful weather. SO NICE!

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