Catching up

I’ve been following the “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” rule lately. This round of C.lomid has turned me into a raging bitch. I have never had this short a fuse in my entire life. But, it’s been a busy couple of days.

We ended up bailing on the concert on Thursday. My lack of sleep for the last 4 nights plus Mr H thinking he was getting that stomach bug kept us in. It ended up being a really good night though, we spent some quality time just hanging out.

Friday we grabbed dinner and it was “Bring your adorable 18 month old to Ber.tucci’s night”. Out fault for trying to grab an early dinner (still not sleeping at all here). Then, later that night, I was upset when doing my F.ollistim and shot a bunch out before injecting it. I was pissed about that. Then, we had a really long, kind crappy conversation all brought about by the fact that we are not in the same place regarding IVF and adoption. We’ve still got time before we need to make those decisions. I’m in info gathering mode right now. In the end, it was good that we started the discussion and Mr H does need to know that I’m not 100% sold on IVF.

Saturday I worked in the morning then we drove up to NY for my friend’s 30th birthday party. Her husband took 20 of us to N.obu. Fan-freakintastic is pretty much all I can say. What sucked was that I was on day 4 of C.lomid and hadn’t slept in those 4 days. I can NOT do this drug again. Between the headaches and the night sweats, I don’t sleep at all. But it was a great, fun dinner and I’m glad we made the drive up. Being on the train back to Long Island at 1 am with a bunch of drunk 15 year old boys wasn’t fun (who gives alcohol to these kids….I still get carded) but the highlight was when I got picked up by one of those young lads! Mr H went to get the car since it was sleeting and I had pointy, fun shoes on. There was just me and this one kid standing there waiting for rides. After pacing around, and without looking at me, he asks, “So, where you going…cuz my mom can totally give you a ride if you want…or something”. Not sure if that’s good for the ego or not. I totally burst his bubble when I said my husband was getting the car.

Today we went and saw my nieces for a bit since we were in NY and then came back home. I’m trying to fight off a cold but am completely failing since I can’t sleep. (can you tell I’m really freaking tired). Tonight was my last C.lomid and I am SO glad. I’ve got my ultrasound on Tuesday and I’m guessing they’ll be another shot of F.ollistim that night.

Still catching up with weekend posts. Oh…and my bloglines is completely messed up, so sorry if I missed you. Over the school break I’m going to make the switch to reader and update my blogroll here…I promise!!


December 17, 2007. everyday stuff, iui #2, side effects.


  1. Debby replied:

    oh i love riding the LIRR in the wee hours of the weekend morning. Always the most interesting characters on there. I just got all nostalgic reading your post. I miss that big fish of an island some days.

  2. hoping for a child replied:

    i can’t pooh…this freaking clomid clogs me up. it’s the worst!!! is it just me? one more day. sorry, what that tmi?

  3. hoping for a child replied:

    tried to say…was that tmi?

  4. infertility just sucks replied:

    I love the kid trying to pick you up! So funny!!! I was really glad that Clomid didn’t seem to do a thing to my attitude. Also didn’t spur any more eggs so maybe I’m totally non reactive. Ha!

  5. A replied:

    I’m so sorry about the bad reactions. Hopefully at least you’re ovaries are have some serious reactions (good ones), too.I hope you’re able to get some sleep soon!!!Yeah…it’s been years since anyone under the age of 38 has tried to pick me up. Unless you count my husband’s drunk co-workers. Ha!

  6. Geohde replied:

    No sleep is just torture. You poor thing. I absolutely lose my chipper nature when sans rest.J

  7. Michell replied:

    Oh yeah, clomid sucks. Hope you don’t ever have to do that again. Funny though, most of my side effects with it occured after I had finished taking it. Good luck.

  8. Fertilize Me replied:

    HAhah you totally shold have been like “Cool can your mom give my husband a ride home too?” ..Haha that is pretty funny.As for clomid, Grrr i hate that drug. I am sorry it is torturing you and then some. Neeed….SLeep.. hoping you get some soon

  9. jennifercarol replied:

    Have you talked with your doctor about putting you on Letrozole instead of clomid? I’ve heard that the side effects are much less severe, although I won’t know that personally until January.

  10. Frenchie replied:

    I love that you totally got cruised by a teenager. Lucky you. And, you still get carded–even better! I’m jealous!Hope you get some sleep soon–that is the worst. Hang in there!

  11. MoonNStarMommy replied:

    The one time that Clomid made me a raving b**** …. was the cycle I got pregnant with my 5 year old. I’m on day 1 of Clomid…… joy joy joyHope you are feeling better…

  12. Diana replied:

    haha! his mom could drive you! I would have loved to see the mom’s face as you got into the car!

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