sleep when you’re dead, right?

This is like torture…seriously. I completely get how spies break once they get sleep deprived. And I think I’m turning into a narcoleptic or something. This morning I get up, shower, put my bathrobe on, and sit down on the bed to get dressed. And then I wake up an hour and half later…beyond late for work. But at least I finally slept a little. I think the only reason I woke was that my cat was readjusting (because his comfort is paramount) and sat on my face. The whole sucking fur thing wakes you right up.

Still coming down with a bit of a cold but I think I’m fighting it off. Hoping all my stupid side effects start to die down now that I’m done with that nasty C.lomid. Ultrasound tomorrow at 7:30, I just want one on each side…that’s not too greedy is it??


December 18, 2007. iui #2, side effects, tired.


  1. Jen replied:

    Oh, not being able to sleep SUCKS! I feel for you. Have you asked your doctor if they can give you anything to help you sleep? Even one good night helps. My cat will occasionally pat you on the face to wake you up in the middle of the night. She only does this when she wants attention. (It’s rare or she would have been banished from the bedroom years ago.)

  2. Fertilize Me replied:

    stupid furbaby!!! can you take a sleeping pill?? It may be worth asking? Good luck on your follie scan tomorrow

  3. jennifercarol replied:

    I completely value my sleep and its one of the few things I’m actually good at. So I’m sorry it’s not going well for you. Oh and why is it that animals think they own the bed anyhow???

  4. Geohde replied:

    Glad to hear you finally got a little rest, but that heart stopping moment when you realise that you’re LATE for work is just awful…J

  5. Maria replied:

    I really hope your u/s went well today!! Insomnia is the worst!! I always getting really bad from the progesterone. Would tylenol pm help??

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