37 million!

Mr H is feeling like quite the stud this morning. 37 mil is our best post wash count yet. It was also his best pre-wash at 109 million. My only concern now is that my husband likes bad porn way too much. On the drive to breakfast after his ‘appointment’, he ranted and raved about the selections in the man room, that it was mostly just guy on guy. He went as far as to say it caused a derection and that I shouldn’t get my hopes up for a good number. So now I’m a little worried about him.

Now the balancing act starts. That fine line between hope and realism. Hope brings about expectations….which just leads to disappointment. It is so hard not to be excited about this cycle. They’re sure I had at least 3, maybe 4 follicles. Add the count results to that and how can a girl not get her hopes up?!? But I had such a hard fall earlier this month, I want to do a better job at not setting myself up to be hurt like that. They scheduled my beta for Jan 7…which will be 16dpiui…that is SOOOOO long. How on earth I am going to manage to wait THAT long? Time to make a trip to the dollar store I think

In other news, still fighting this stupid cold. Took a 3 hr nap today, hoping that kicks it out of my system. And I managed to come up with some holiday cheer last night. We had fun decorating the tree and I wrapped all of the presents. It does make me smile to see the tree all decorated, the stockings, and of course, the presents! Out to dinner and drinks with some friends that are back in town for the holiday. I’ll be trying the subtle, nursing one drink thing. We’ll see how it goes.


December 22, 2007. 2ww, iui #2.


  1. sarabaumancrna replied:

    Thanks for checking my blog out…it’s nice to know there are others out there who can relate. Hope you and your husband have a great holiday season!

  2. LJ replied:

    Good luck!

  3. Michell replied:

    Wow, that does seem like a ways away. The time will pass though likely not quickly. Hang in there and I have high hopes for this cycle for you.

  4. Jen replied:

    I hope your cold gets better soon! It sucks to be feeling sick, especially around the holidays. Merry Christmas!

  5. sarah23 replied:

    Wow, that is a teriffic post-wash count!!! Congratulations! With all of those nice motile spermies, I’d really think that at least one can find one of 3 or 4 eggs! I hope that the holidays help the next 2 weeks go quickly! Yes, I’ll need to go to the dollar store again in the near future, too. How exciting!!

  6. infertility just sucks replied:

    We always have numbers like that too and I agree – it is so hard to not play your own numbers game! It’s like I’m a baby-making bookie sometimes with all of the crazy math I’m running in my head

  7. luna replied:

    great numbers (bet he’s feeling like a rock star)! all you need is one good one! good luck in the 2ww, I just started mine too… ~luna

  8. Yoka replied:

    Good luck for this IUI!!! And a merry Christmas to you!!

  9. hoping for a child replied:

    my husband loves the porn…he says its so raunchy…i think he looks forward to making the deposit every month. best of luck.

  10. Meg replied:

    Crossing everything for you! Stay positive and be patient! January 7th will be here before you know it….

  11. jennifercarol replied:

    January 7th is my 30th B-day, so hopefully it will be a very lucky day for you!

  12. Fertilize Me replied:

    He sounds be proud!! Good luck to you!

  13. deanna replied:

    Wishing you much luck (and many good presents!)Happy Holidays!!!

  14. Maria replied:

    I want to make a t-shirt for Cole, so he can brag about his count.YAY 2WW!

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