Merry christmas!

It was so fun to read everyone’s christmas posts this morning.

We had a pretty good christmas on our end. Neither Mr H or I stuck to the limit we set so I walked away from the day with sparkly new diamond earrings and he is the proud owner of a new flat screen tv. It’s only money, right?!?! We both rationalized it by saying we’ve had a hard year.

The big surprise of the day was a very large check from my parents. I still haven’t read the accompanying note completely since I cry every time I start. While I still think they don’t completely get what we are going through, it was very nice for them to recognize at least one aspect of it. And it’ll certainly help the cause.

Since this is the first December break we haven’t gone out of town, we are gearing up for some home improvement and crossing things off our to-do list (like yesterday when I realized BOTH tail lights are out on the back of my car….oops). So today was the vet (poor little guy got a clean bill of health though) and the car. Tomorrow, we’re painting our bedroom. We’ve lived here 3 years and it is still two-toned from the previous owners…who for some reason, were very into two-toning rooms.

All of this is to trick myself into keeping busy and not perseverating on this 2ww. I am having such a hard time not being overly hopeful, given that so far, this is the best chance we’ve had. I promised I would not read into every twinge I get but it’s too late on that one. At least I know to not trust a single thing that comes from the boobs…they’re dead to me. For some reason, the pr.ometrium isn’t having all of the same side effects it did the last 2 times I took it. I am free flowing, not backed up at all! Of course, this makes me wonder if it is really working.

Enough ramblings. If you’re back at work today, I hope it’s at least slow for you. And if not, enjoy your vacay!


December 26, 2007. 2ww, iui #2.


  1. A replied:

    No reason for you to not have a little hope, that’s for sure. I’m obsessing over every twinge and I’m pretty sure I didn’t even ovulate this month! Ha!Have fun with your projects (and your new shiny presents!)

  2. Fertilize Me replied:

    always hope! And grats on the wonderful sounding christmas that you had. Good luck with all the chores. I need to get motivated and clean clean clea. we have been on the go and things are just getting all cluttered up.Have a fun break

  3. Michell replied:

    A check from the parents is nice. It’s funny how the little things like that make you cry so easy. I know what you mean also about obsessing with the TWW. Even if I don’t write about it realistically I’m still obsessing. I spend more time looking at my boobs than ever before.

  4. Adriane replied:

    Sounds like you had a good Christmas!! Hate the 2ww! Even more, I hate obsessing about every little twinge, too!

  5. sarabaumancrna replied:

    I’m glad you had a great Christmas…earrings…that’s great! Guys don’t realize that us girls never get sick of jewelry. It’s always a great gift! It’s funny about what you said that you no longer rely on twinges from your boobs to anticipate postive signs. I don’t either because the first month we did IUI I swore that they were huge and sore…and nothing. So this month when they were big again…I realize not to trust them…they’re tricky little buggers! But good luck to you..I hope you have a great week…and I enjoy the TV!

  6. luna replied:

    hooray for the extra help from your m&d, very sweet of them to support the cause. (thanks also for your sweet post on my blog.) ~luna

  7. Debby replied:

    Life is too short to not go over the set limits at Christmas time…or any other time for that matter, when going through IF. So, good for you guys for treating each other to well deserved bling and gadgets. This summer me and DH bought a ridiculously overpriced new car after our 3rd m/c. Some would say that was impulsive and not smart. but….the car still makes me grin every time I get in it and it was so well worth it. Keep treating yourself cause it so helps the mental health. I’m a firm believer in retail therapy for sure.

  8. Maria replied:

    YAY! Sounds like you had a great holiday. What a wonderful gift from your parents. Home improvements are a great way to stay busy!LOL, my boobs are dead to me too.

  9. Jen replied:

    Merry Christmas! My husband and I never stick to our limits either. Matt wishes I would buy him new TVs though. I got him a donation to his new speakers that he wants. One of my dogs hates to go to the vet and the other one loves it.

  10. jennifercarol replied:

    Diamond earrings, sweet! What a wonderful hubby. And although it bites us in the butt sometimes, you’ve got to have a little hope at least. Otherwise, why would we keep trying and trying?

  11. chicklet replied:

    We got one of those checks too – shocking sometimes isn’t it! Good luck with the wait, it’s dreadful.

  12. Ms Heathen replied:

    Hope that keeping yourself busy will make the 2WW pass more quickly. And well done, Mr H, on the diamond earrings!

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