Dirty rotten liar

Yup, that’s me. A no-good, good for nothin‘ liar. A mere 2 days ago I said I was NOT going to read into every ache and twinge. I would NOT set myself up like that. And that every day I was going to recognize that this has a much higher chance of not working.

Yeah…well…I lied. But I said all of those things before some really weird shit started happening. Since I know you are all on the edge of your seats, I’ll share every little detail. It all started with flossing (oral hygiene is important people). As I leaned over my sink and reached up to get the floss, my lower abdomen pressed into the countertop. Totally normal thing, probably happens dozens of times any given day. But yesterday it hurt. And I mean it really hurt. It made me gasp out loud and stop what I was going. When I pressed down, my abdomen was hard. Very bizzare. Then last night, I had weird, intense cramping that woke me out of a sound sleep. Now the last time I had that intense cramping that woke me up at night, it was 2 days before the positive in my chemical pregnancy (not that I really want to use that experience as a reference point, it’s just all I’ve got). I was up for 2 hours with cramps that would not go away.

Now I’m only 6dpiui. Rationally, I know it’s on the early side for implantation but nothing about this whole experience is rational. I lost rational thought about a year ago. So now I know that I am going to drive myself crazy for the next week. And that I’ve let Hope sneak in the side door, when I had done such a good job keeping her out.

On the plus side, I found a way to ignore the boobs. Since they really are the biggest liars. Sports bra. Keeps them in so nice and tight, I don’t feel a thing. So it’s one obsession I’ve managed to avoid.

Can I just say one more thing about why this better f-ing work? Because we met people at C.actus C.antina last night and I did not have a margarita…that better not be for nothing people!

(thanks for reading along with my nonsense)


December 28, 2007. 2ww, iui #2.


  1. Jen replied:

    I wouldn’t consider it a lie, necessarily. From my own personal experience, I didn’t believe you because I know it is impossible not to obsess and read into things. I really hope your symptoms are true. 🙂

  2. Rebecca replied:

    No margaritas hurts! I’m hoping for you too!

  3. MoonNStarMommy replied:

    You are right … it better be for something!! Sounds to me like you have some good reasons that you are a liar .. but… we are all that way. And … not to add fuel to the irrational fire.. but… 6dpo is when I implanted for the two boys I charted with…

  4. Fertilize Me replied:

    oh I miss our cac.tus cantina. Nah , you didn’t lie – Hope is sneeky! I sure hope those are some good promising signs!

  5. jennifercarol replied:

    I really hate symptoms. They’re the liars not you. Although hopefully not this time around. And no margarita? Damn right this better not be for nothing! Good luck!

  6. Michell replied:

    I wouldn’t consider it a lie either. Funny you mentioned that symptom (the discomfort leaning against a counter) I had something similar to that the month I had my chemical also. I am very much hoping this is it for you and all these little things will end up equaling a cute cuddly thing in 9 months.

  7. Adriane replied:

    It’s impossible to ignore the twinges, isn’t it?! I hope they are real!! Hopefully, your margarita sacrifice will prove worthy!!

  8. A replied:

    I hope the lack of drink wasn’t for nothing, too!(and it’s damn near impossible not to obsess over the twinges.)

  9. Morrisa replied:

    All these symptoms sound pretty promising to me. Here’s to hoping that this is it!

  10. Meg replied:

    I love it! All of these happenings may be pointing to something wonderful! Now, you have to be patient this time. I just read a blog talking about how the second week of the 2ww is the hardest because you could actually start contemplating testing. Now that I was able to sustain it for shit, but with my second pregnancy I had symptoms from 4dpo. Hmmmm, margs sound wonderful but being buzzed from the joys of pregnancy sounds much better 😉

  11. peesticksandstones replied:

    Thanks for that sports bra tip — that never occurred to me as a tool for getting through the 2ww. Will definitely try that next cycle…Hang in there! Hoping these next few days breeze by and you get good news soon.

  12. Sunny replied:

    Wow to not drinking!!! I am so impressed with you! Fingers crossed I can do the same next month. Hoping it was SO worth it!

  13. luna replied:

    I think your iui and my transfer were the same day so I’m now 6dp3dt and also trying to ignore all those signs. our bodies have a way of tricking us sometimes… of course the progesterone I’m on isn’t helping matters. but it’s so hard to ignore it all while wishing wishing…. when will you poas or do you have a beta scheduled? ~luna

  14. sarabaumancrna replied:

    It’s so hard not to read all of the signs…and I hope that it’s all worth it in the end skipping the margarits. The good thing is that mexican food is great and always makes your tummy very happy…at least mine!

  15. chicklet replied:

    Dontcha hate when you don’t have a drink… for nothing? I do. Totally.

  16. Debby replied:

    Oh giving up margaritas or any alcohol for that matter is just the pits! Hoping this is not in vain for you and that all your signs are pointing to really good things!!

  17. LJ replied:

    I am right there with you babe. I’m dying for a drink tonight. NYE & my bro’s wedding…

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