Lots of random things

My brain is all over the place today. Here’s just a small sampling. And just a warning, there’s one WAY TMI question, it’s last so feel to skip it if you don’t want to know that much about me.

– the sports bra trick is no longer as effective as it used to be. Today I went down the stairs too quickly and ouch! Makes me mad that it’s just pr.ometrium.

– while we’re talking about pr.ometrium. I f-ing hate it. I must have gotten lucky last time around and it didn’t mess with my mood. But now I’m borderline clinical. I swear, I wouldn’t get dressed at all if Mr H didn’t need to be constantly entertained. Being off work definitely doesn’t help. I’ve got nothing to take my mind off of every little twinge.

– When I logged onto y.ahoo this morning, they had a piece about this preacher that has come up with (and is of course selling) the Adam and Eve diet. I am not posting a link because I do not want to give this anymore attention than it has already gotten. Seriously people?!?!? Of course their diet was healthier, there was nothing fried, no doughnuts, breads, candy, soda, chips, cookies, etc, etc. They probably ate nuts, berries, and the occasional small animal they managed to catch. Oh, and don’t forget about the fruit! I just hate how people package up the same recommendations in different ways to make money and the fact that this preacher has wrapped it into a religious context irks me even more. I’ve been ranting about this all day long to just about anyone who’ll listen. Thanks for being a captive audience.

– so you may remember yesterday when I posted I was up for 2 hours with really weird cramping. I made the unfortunate mistake of giving my kitty some lovin‘. So this morning, at 4:13 I felt a cold little nose rubbing mine purring. Very cute, but I was very much asleep. I felt really bad kicking him out of the room. I was then up for the next 2 hours wondering why I didn’t have those weird intense cramps anymore. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

ok, here’s the tmi question. It’s for all you ladies who’ve used the f-ing pr.ometrium suppositories. They cause me to get quite….um….irritated. I’ve got all these little, painful bumps down there. Last time I freaked out and called the dr, thinking I had somehow gotten some random disease from the actual iui. I’ve tried changing the pantiliner more often, ‘freshening up’ more often. I even went a little more daring in my last bikini wax but I think that made it worse. Any tips, advice, assvice….anything? It really freakin hurts. Plus, I’m vain and I made myself Ok with having a moldy looking cooch but it is completely different story when you’ve got a moldy cooch with sore-like things on it. Nasty. If I had the slightest interest in sex, it’s loooong gone.

Counting down the days until vacay is over, haven’t crossed half of the things off the to-do list…but I have taken plenty of naps!


December 29, 2007. ramblings, side effects.


  1. Jen replied:

    I can’t stand all the fad diets. I think I should come up with the craziest one that I can think of and sell it. What do you think of the Mayflower diet? Or the Bataan Death March diet? Guaranteed to lose weight!

  2. Sunny replied:

    Sorry for the sore girl. Try an ice pack. Cold is always soothing. But the P SUCKS!I freaked out for a moment today. Vaca is almost over. It made me sad. 😦Hoping for GREAT news to accompany these symptoms.

  3. Michell replied:

    Ok yeah, I’d be irritated by the preacher selling the diet. It’s like the lawn care company at home that puts scriptures on their billboard. They do it just so all the Christians will use them. While I have no advice or assvice for the sores, it’s interesting. I’ve been getting something similar to that also (although not just when I’m using prometrium) and thought maybe HPV. Good luck with the mood swings.

  4. Fertilize Me replied:

    Prometrium SUCKS .. i just went off that at 13 weeks and GAWD was it AWFUL. I wish i had some grand advice on what and how to deal with it. Just sending hugs your way

  5. Fertilize Me replied:

    *ps for hte cat story – My cat jumped up in my bed this morning at 6 am to PUKE ON MY FEET!

  6. sarabaumancrna replied:

    Sorry about all the prometrium side effects. I’ve never been on it, but it sounds awful..hang in there hopefully it’ll be over soon! Oh yeah..I saw the Adam and Eve thing too. Crazy, don’t you think?Our pets are so quirky, but cute aren’t they!

  7. Heather replied:

    You can try using an instead cup. Put the progesterone in that and put it in or put the progesterone in and then put one in. You can buy them at walmart or walgreens or probably lots of other places. If that doesn’t solve your problem, ask your doctor. It may be an allergic reaction maybe?

  8. Rebecca replied:

    The Prometrium sucks…I started using those “freshening” wipes and that helped a little bit. The bikini wax may have irritated everything a little, but you never know. The whole thing just makes the IUI experience more joyous, doesn’t it?

  9. Debby replied:

    To answer your TMI question…and overshare right back with you….I have had a similar reaction before. I’ve even visited the gyno to check and see if I was dying or if my husband was all the sudden cheating on me and had give me herpes or something. Doc assured me sores were normal and said warm compresses or baths would make them go away. Good advice and it worked….good luck! Ah…the joys of IF and having to shove crap up our hoo-hoo’s.

  10. jenna sais quoi replied:

    Heather!!! I love you!!!!That is some excellent advice up there. See, I came to commiserate, and I actually done learned me somethin’ today. Maybe I will actually use it someday. Anyway, re: ickiness of Prometrium: you are not weird. I told The Man that The Kitchen was closed for business while I I was on that stuff. Considering that I was psycho, eating cookies for 3 meals a day, and generally irritable, he didn’t question it much.

  11. sara replied:

    yummm… spinach lasagna…now that sounds good. i think I’ll I have try that soon!

  12. Geohde replied:

    Oohhhh, you just made me very glad that the progesterone supplements don’t do THAT to me!Ouch!J

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