11dpiui+6:15 pm+bladder held for just under 2 hours=the lightest of shadows on my last dollar tree test. It is the type of shadow only someone with 30 cycles under her belt can make out (well, it’s a bit darker than that).

There is no way it would show up in a picture and I’m certainly not going to start cleaning out the shoe room just yet, but it’s hard not to feel the slightest hint of excitement. And it should be faint, because it’s still a little early, right? I’ve got a first response left too and that wins the honor of the first pee of the day tomorrow. Not to get too far ahead of myself, but if that is also positive I’ll be begging to move my beta up from Monday to Friday.

Again, I can’t let myself get too worked up and I’m not saying anything to Mr H just yet since I can’t bare to disappoint him again. Or myself, since I now have the pleasure of knowing just how fleeting a pregnancy can be and how much a chemical sucks. If I make it past 4 days of positive sticks and a beta that goes up instead of down, I’ll consider this one better than the last.

Speaking of Mr H, please keep him in your thoughts, he’s having sinus surgery tomorrow morning and is understandably nervous. The worst part to him is that his nose will be packed for 24 hours so he won’t be able to breathe. Think of me too, since he can be a bad patient. Really, really hoping I have some good news for him when he comes out of surgery. I won’t tell him beforehand.

In other news, I am loving Mel’s Creme de la Creme. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a must read. And if you haven’t submitted a post yet, she’s still accepting them. I started looking at it yesterday but decided to save it for the next 2 days while I’m housebound with the recuperating Mr H. It is such an amazing collection and really seems to be an accurate portrayal of the diverse group we are.


January 2, 2008. 2ww, iui #2, pee sticks.


  1. Michell replied:

    Oh I so hope that the shadow turns into a very nice dark line. Yes it’s still early but a line is a line. However I know what you mean about the whole chemical thing. Makes you not even want to trust the line. Good luck and I’ll be sending all kinds of positive thoughts your way and Mr. H’s way for a quick and easy surgery and recovery.

  2. Rebecca replied:

    Fingers crossed for a darker line…you really deserve it! Good luck with the surgery and your patient…it’s funny how that word often means the opposite of how a sick person actually acts!

  3. Fertilize Me replied:

    I am willing that “shadow” to be a faint line that gets darker and darker!!

  4. Sunny replied:

    I am so holding your hope!

  5. JF replied:

    Good luck to you with your husband’s surgery tomorrow, and best wishes for a clear line and a good positive blood test!

  6. Shelby replied:

    Yeah Meghan!!! A shadow is fantastic, and I really hope it keeps getting darker, and stays that way!! Sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts your way for you and your hubby with his surgery. Poor guy!

  7. Meg replied:

    Hey, a line’s a line. Hang in there Meghan! I am crossing every limb for you and your First Response tomorrow (you must post immediately after!)….and for hubby’s surgery!

  8. Jen replied:

    My husband had the sinus surgery and did his tonsils at the same time. He couldn’t breathe out of his mouth or his nose. Good luck to your husband and to you too. Oh, I really, really hope you get a positive that ends in a baby. I will be thinking of you constantly.

  9. Frenchie replied:

    WOW!! Fingers crossed!!

  10. jennifercarol replied:

    11 dpIUI and a lack of FMU…I think it shadow is totally reasonable at this point. Oh man, please update tomorrow! I’ve got everything crossed!

  11. infertility just sucks replied:

    Ack! This is spectacular!Let’s see a big fat pink pair of lines tomorrow! I’ll be thinking about you. Post soon!

  12. sarah23 replied:

    Oh WOW!! I am so excited for you. I really hope that you get a nice clear big FAT positive +++ tomorrow AM! G o o d l u c k ! !

  13. Morrisa replied:

    Sounds really promising! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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