Wow! Thanks for all those comments. I feel so loved!

Of course while picking up all everything for Mr H at the store last night, I had to pick up some more tests. This morning the line came up before the control and is really dark, so for now, there’s something in there. I did get my beta moved up, so I’ll have some actual info by this afternoon. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but if it’s positive (which I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be) my 2nd will be on Monday. That’s when I’ll feel better. I really need to experience a beta that goes up!

And thanks for the good thoughts for Mr H’s surgery. It went well. Turned out we knew the surgeon who was going to be doing it. He’s a friend of a friend and we’ve hung out with him a bunch. It was nice because he took some extra time to talk to us before the surgery and came out and found me in the waiting room afterwards and talked to me for awhile. I think some of the other family members out there got a little jealous. Most of the other doctors only talked to people for 2-3 minutes! And since he knew us, he didn’t actually do the operation, the attending did, who happens to have been the one to radically chance this procedure a few years ago…so that made me feel better too! It was a long day but he’s feeling much better today. Plus, he’s cautiously excited for our good news 😉

I’ll be sure to update later on when the nurse calls! Thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts


January 4, 2008. iui #2, pee sticks.


  1. Jen replied:

    You are loved!Hooray for darkening lines! I hope your beta is fantastic. I will have you in my thoughts all day. Glad the surgery went well.

  2. Jen replied:

    Yay for darker lines! I can’t wait to hear what your beta is, and its good to hear surgery went well.

  3. MrsSpock replied:

    Yay for the line! Keeping fingers crossed for a great beta!

  4. Fertilize Me replied:

    OH MAN O MAN O MAN!! I am so excited and busting out the seams for you!! or maybe its from my lunch) but whatever! Can’t wait for the update and follow up!!

  5. Yoka replied:

    Wow!!! Congratulations!!! This is so exciting. I am hoping with you for a great beta…

  6. A replied:

    Hal-a-looo-ya for that darker line! I kept refreshing yesterday hoping they’d move you up and maybe you could sneak off while Mr. H was in surgery! 😉Glad to hear that Mr. H’s surgery went well. I hope his recovery is quick and as painless as possible. It always helps when you have someone on the inside!

  7. Shelby replied:

    Yeah!! I can’t wait to hear the beta results!!! And I”m glad the surgery went well. Definitely nice when the doctors actually spend some time with you!

  8. Maria replied:

    YAY for super fast dark line!! I can’t wait to hear today’s results. Keeping my fingers triple crossed!So glad Mr. H’s surgery went well. How wonderful to have such personal attention. If only it could be that way every time.

  9. Diana replied:

    Good luck with your beta!!! Hoping for high numbers that just keep climbing!!!

  10. Adriane replied:

    Awesome news!!!! Hope you get a great beta!So glad the surgery went well, too!

  11. Debby replied:

    Behold the beauty of the ever darkening lines on pee sticks!! This is great news! Can’t wait to hear the beta results later today.

  12. Ms. Infertile replied:

    Great news! Hoping for a good beta for you.

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