Long time no blog

Sorry everyone. I’ve gone back and forth between not knowing what to say and not having the energy to type. Tons of thoughts running through my head though so this might be a long one!

– I caved and bought a book. And after not allowing it in the house for 2 days, I actually took it out of the car over the weekend. I realized late last week that I am really good at being infertile. I know alot about it. Ask me anything, if I don’t know the answer, I’ll be able to find it quickly. However, I know absolutely nothing about being pregnant (there, I said it). I’m afraid I am not going to be good at it. So I bought a book and proceeded to get annoyed with said book less than 1 chapter in because of this “We all know if takes 2 to conceive a baby but it takes a minimum of 3-mother, father, and…health care professional…” Really, took a few more than 3 people for me! So that book has been put down and I still know nothing.

– thank you for all of your help and suggestions about my blockage problems. With a careful diet of Kashi cereal for brekkie, prunes to snack on all day, and at least one other meal containing beans, I’ve gotten it under control. Gas, heartburn, and constant low grade nausea have stepped in. I’m not complaining though…in fact, I welcome every burp and stomach roll. Helps me make it to next Tuesday.

– I knew that newly p-word people are tired. I’m Ok with that because I love to sleep. What I did not expect was being drop dead exhausted…and not being able to sleep. I’m typically up for 2-3 hours each night, regardless of if I nap during the day, what time I go to bed, etc. Luckily, my boss sent me home today to take a nap and work the rest of the afternoon from home. (and look how I’m thanking her, by catching up on all your blogs and posting)

I swear I had a ton more posts in my head, but I have no idea where they went. Of course I’m convinced that they were my best thoughts yet…like when you forget to hit save and lose a paragraph of your paper. You re-write it, but you know what you originally had was SO much better than the drivel you’re coming up with now. That’s what this post is, drivel.

One week to ultrasound. We’re heading up to Long Island this weekend for my niece’s baby naming. So that’s 3 days that will help me get my mind off it. We’ll drive home Monday and then just one more sleep! I’m guessing we’ll be stopping at every single rest stop between here and NY…my bladder has got a mind of its own lately.

Thanks again for the advice and support. I think I’d go crazy without all you ladies!


January 15, 2008. p-word, ramblings.


  1. LIW (Lady In Waiting) replied:

    Once IF becomes your mindset, I think it is impossible to get rid of. If this or any of my ivf cycles work, I can GUARANTEE you that I will be struggling to pick up the pregnancy books that I bought when we started TTCing almost two years ago. It will be really hard to shift my headspace.I have IBS so I have a good idea what you are going through. I can’t handle things like prunes or dates – unless I only have one at a time. They cause horribly painful cramps. A couple of p-word bloggers have been using col.ace, which is helping them. I find fiber.com to be a life saver, though you have to make sure to drink it with lots of water or it can have the opposite effect. Short walks may help too. I realized that sitting all day makes it worse.Glad to hear that you still have symptoms, though!!XOXO

  2. Maria replied:

    I’m so glad you’re doing well. I was getting a bit worried.That’s great that your blockage problem is no longer an issue.I can’t wait to feel everything your going through.

  3. Jen replied:

    Yeah, those books annoyed me too. Maybe you should write a new one. You’ve clearly found an untapped market.

  4. Adriane replied:

    Glad you are hanging in there! Sorry you are so exhausted! I think the weekend trip will be a perfect distraction for the U/S wait! 🙂

  5. Deborah replied:

    I second what Jen said! There is a real shortage of books about infertility and/or pregnancy after infertility. I mean, I’m sure there are some scientific-type ones, but I haven’t found any of the chatty type that are easy to read (like What to Expect or TCOYF). I think we all know enough to write these books. Anyone?On another note, whenever I go in for a procedure (like IUI) and I have a new nurse, I make sure to ask her name, just in case she’s the one who gets me pregnant! So yeah, it takes a lot more than 3 people. 🙂

  6. In and Out of Luck replied:

    “We all know it takes 150 people – woman, man, RE, tech 1, tech 2, tech 3, nurse 1, nurse 2, receptionist, financial counselor, boss who gives you the day off to go get monitored, and the entire blogosphere – to make a baby. Well, it’s time to let in a 151th person – the regular earthling’s OB!” That’s what my book would say.

  7. Katarina Jelly Beana replied:

    Yeah, those P books suck. “From the Hip” is a good one and does not assume anything about who you are or family dynamic or anything like that.But it makes me so happy to read this post!Sleep away, my friend!

  8. deanna replied:

    Sounds like that book could use a big toss across the living room. Seriously, try it! There’s nothing like throwing an annoying book to make you feel like you showed up the author. Especially if you make sure it whacks the corner of something on its flight. =)Yay for the (soon!) upcoming ultrasound!

  9. KE II replied:

    So happy to hear about all the heartburn, nausea and clogging… well not happy that you’re suffering, but exciting the symptoms are here in full force :).I think the girls are right, you’re definately onto something with the p books, and you know you can write entertaining stuff 😉 I think you should think about it… with all your spare energy!! Happy sleeping and can’t wait to hear about U/S.

  10. Ms Heathen replied:

    On one level it seems really odd to say that I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling sick & tired the whole time! I suppose what I’m really saying is that I’m so happy to hear that all those tell-tale symptoms are now kicking in. Take care of yourself, rest up, and don’t get too mad at that pregnancy book!

  11. hoping for a child replied:

    i bought every book under the sun and i ordered the magazines as well when i thought all i had to do was decide i’m ready for a baby. i should have invested in infertility books instead. you’re welcome to my collection.

  12. Yoka replied:

    I know that feeling. I always thought I would by “What to expect when you are expecting” once I saw a heartbeat. Unfortunately I never made it that far…

  13. Rebecca replied:

    I’m sorry you are exhausted, but can’t sleep…thank God for an understanding boss, huh? I agree with one of the other comments – “From the Hips” isn’t horrible and has a lot of different viewpoints…non-traditional – just like us! Take care of yourself the best you can and have a good time in LI!

  14. Laura replied:

    Glad to hear your blockage problems have cleared up! Your boss sounds great. Have a great trip. Can’t wait to hear your ultrasound results next week!

  15. Egged Out replied:

    During the two week wait of our first IUI, I bought “what to expect”. I guess I was optimistic back then. Now, I buy tampons on the two week wait. I read it that first cycle, so excited to experience everything. Well, for the past year, it has sat untouched on the bottom of the pile of books on my bedside stand.

  16. LJ replied:

    I swear, if someone wrote a pregnancy after infertility book, they’d make millions.

  17. Michell replied:

    Glad that the blockage issues have improved and hope that you are able to sleep a bunch soon. Not sure what to think about the p-word books. Hang in there and your ultrasound will be here soon.

  18. Lea Bee replied:

    3 people to make a baby? awww, that is really quaint. what innocents those book writers are. you should write a book for the rest of us, fo sho!

  19. SaraS-P replied:

    I have so many books it is pathetic. Are they helpful? Um…no, not really. I feel I learn more from reading blogs sometimes.

  20. Geohde replied:

    Welcome to p-word exhaustion 🙂xxJ

  21. MoonNStarMommy replied:

    It takes time to sink in… and once it starts creeping in and you can’t fight off the excitment with the “I can’t get too attached yet” rationalization … it might still take awhile. I am terrified, and excited, and nervous, and scared, and thrilled, and happy, and thinking – what the heck am I going to do now? I am so exausted too, it’s crazy – I don’t remember being this tired with ANY of my pregnancies 😦

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