Atkins be damned

I am on a carb-fest, all carbs all the time. The thought of most proteins makes my gag reflex kick in. I’ve been feeling a little bad about it so I managed to shovel some eggs down my throat for breakfast and a few bites of chicken from the take-in thai for dinner tonight. Other than that, it’s been bagels, pasta, or rice.

Our next ultrasound is Friday. I should be 7w6d. I go back and forth between thinking I hope there’s still a heartbeat in there to getting all excited at the growth we’ll see from last weeks u/s. I’ve still got all those nasty first tri symptoms, so I should be optimistic. And I actually had my first sort of puke this morning. Not very pleasant. And my favorite black pants, the very last size 10 I could fit into this fall, the ones that always make me look skinny, could barely button yesterday. I should take that as another good sign, instead I blame it on the freakin carbs.

Work is kicking my butt this week, which I know isn’t helping my general funk. We’re brought in a bunch of new staff so I’m training from 8:30 until 4 each day. It is just exhausting. Plus, I then have the rest of my job to do once all that is over. I’ve been going to bed before 9 most nights. At least there’s no good tv on!

Off to scrounge up something bland and starchy to go stuff my face…


January 31, 2008. pregnant.


  1. Rebecca replied:

    I get your carb addiction…I ate two boxes of pierogies (potato wrapped in pasta) over the weekend…best combination ever! It’s so hard to eat things that are good for you when they make you gag, but I, like you, am trying. Hope all goes well at your next appointment…let’s see a heartbeat!

  2. K @ ourboxofrain replied:

    I’m also living the carb-filled life these days. I’ve been making smoothies with fresh fruit and protein powder for breakfast to get some protein — as for eggs, I’m okay with them once I’ve made them but the thought of them in the abstract makes me gag. Good look at the ultrasound Friday! I’m jealous — my next one is a week from Monday (the 11st).

  3. Maria replied:

    Yuuuummm, carbs! Sorry about your first puke this morning. But it is a good sign.

  4. Lea Bee replied:

    carbs are good and not fitting into your black pants is really good! it would be worse the other way.

  5. Michell replied:

    Mine has just been food. I have been hungry a lot. But yet have lost weight so far. Enjoy your carbs, you have an excuse. I hope that all goes well with your next ultrasound.

  6. deanna replied:

    Yay for carbs!!! There are some days I think I could seriously never eat meat again and be totally happy with that. =)Thanks very much for your happy congrats on my blog. (I’m still totally freaking out!)

  7. Shelby replied:

    Yumm, carbs! My whole first tri was spent eating grilled cheese, mac n cheese, crackers, rice, panckaes (man I’d kill for pancakes!), more pasta, potatoes… The only protein I could stomach was McDonalds cheeseburgers. And those, I still eat once in a while. Yay for your pants not fitting! All great signs! Cant’ wait to hear about the ultrasound!

  8. Morrisa replied:

    So sorry about your first puke but hey, its a symptom! I have carb filled days anyway due to acid refulx so I know what you mean. Good luck on your u/s!

  9. Jen replied:

    I’m a carb girl myself regardless of preggo status so I can definitely relate. Sorry about work…training people is the worst. Good luck on Friday!

  10. Fertilize Me replied:

    Oh MY the carbs.. i hear ya. Good luck with your next dr appointment

  11. Adriane replied:

    Sounds like you are doing OK, albeit working too many hours! Hope it slows down for you soon.Good luck with your U/S tomorrow!

  12. Diana replied:

    Slap some peanut butter on those carbs! I ate soooo much peanut better in the 1st tri and it has tons of protein!

  13. sara replied:

    Enjoy those carbs girl…I had the best mac and cheese yesterday something I rarely eat. But you deserve it! I hope the work stuff slows down soon. 7 weeks…exciting. Glad all is well…hope the pukies go away soon!

  14. SaraS-P replied:

    when baby wants carbs, then you give baby carbs!

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