Black and…brown

I am wearing two different shoes today. Not even the same color. One black, one brown. I will be spending alot of time at my desk. No observations for me. I think it is too early to blame things on pregnancy forgetfulness, I’m just an idiot. It was a very rough morning today. First, after ironing my blouse (I never remember to iron at night), I put it on, only to find that it would not button over my ridiculous boobs. Quite naturally, tears followed. Then, I get in the car only to hear about a 4-5 mile back up on the Beltway…always a good time when you want to puke. Then of course, around 11:00, someone points out that my shoes are different. Just lovely.

Complaining aside, we had our first OB appt yesterday and it went well. I really liked the doctor. He seems to have just the right blend of caution and common sense, which is how I like to at least think I am. (Those of you who know me, please don’t burst my bubble). I was hoping there wouldn’t need to be an exam but apparently the state of VA requires complete STD testing so back to the stirrups I went. Only good thing about needing the exam was that since I was there, he decided to do another ultrasound! I’ll always take a chance to sneak a peak at the critter. First, I was surprised at how much better the equipment at the RE is. I could barely make out anything on this ultrasound. Doc said he saw the heartbeat right away, I couldn’t for the life of me. But it measured right on target.

I was even more nervous about the u/s because I had the completely irrational fear that the Pro.emtrium was keeping me pregnant and I worried that by stopping it last Friday (on drs orders but still), the baby would stop growing. I know, crazy. But seeing a bigger blob yesterday made me happy.

Only thing I’ve realized is that I’ve become completely spoiled by all these ultrasounds. Now our next appointment isn’t until March 6 and our next ultrasound probably won’t be for 11 more weeks! I doubt we’re going to do the nuchal fold testing, wouldn’t change anything so what’s the point really. If our insurance covers it, I might, just for a chance to peak in there again!

Oh…and thanks to those of you who got my Bev-niner reference last week. Took awhile for someone to mention it and I started to feel really really old!


February 7, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Jen replied:

    Ah, blame the shoes on the pregnancy forgetfulness. And tell someone to get you a cookie. I say milk it for all it’s worth. I’m glad your ultrasound went well.

  2. Michell replied:

    Two different colored shoes huh? Are they the same style just different color? My dad did that once going to church. Hope your day gets better.

  3. SaraS-P replied:

    Take advantage of the placenta brain excuse!

  4. Adriane replied:

    So funny that you’re wearing the wrong shoes!!!I am really glad your OB appt went well and your little one is continuing to grow!! I, too, was disappointed with the equipment at my OB’s office. The RE’s office was MUCH nicer in general. I hope you get another U/S on your next appt!!

  5. Fertilize Me replied:

    Hahah you poor girl – gladyou had a great appointment and Like your Dr.!

  6. Laura replied:

    I would definitely blame the shoes on pregnancy! You might as well use the excuse while you have it! 🙂Glad you got another ultrasound.

  7. Laura replied:

    I would definitely blame the shoes on pregnancy! You might as well use the excuse while you have it! 🙂Glad you got another ultrasound.

  8. Brandy replied:

    Blame the shoes on your new little resident eating up your brain cells…the more he takes the smarter he’ll be!! I know I plan on using pregnancy as my excuse when the time comes!So glad your appointment went well and I hope you don’t have to wait forever for your next sono.

  9. Lea Bee replied:

    yay that the little bean was measuring bigger and right on target.

  10. sara replied:

    I would like to say that I just think that you’re being fashion trendsetter. Didn’t the person who pointed them out know that during fashion week in New York a few days ago they said the trend for Fall 2008 will be black with a brown shoe. You just decided to start the trend a little early that’s all. Go you! Congrats on the good ultrasound 🙂

  11. Geohde replied:

    Glad to hear that bub is doing well in there.xxJ

  12. A replied:

    So glad your ultrasound yesterday brought good news and that you like your obstetrician. 🙂

  13. Ms. Infertile replied:

    Glad to hear that the appointment went well.

  14. Egged Out replied:

    I’m really glad you like your new doctor – that’s great. And the different color shoes will just keep your colleagues guessing about what kind of phase you are going through. And I also think you should get a cookie or two out of this situation.

  15. chicklet replied:

    I figured the shoes were definitely cuz of the preggo brain. Use the excuse:-)

  16. Sunny replied:

    Bless your little heart. WOOT WOOT to seeing your little bean again!

  17. Rebecca replied:

    Glad you liked your OB…waiting for another US is torture when you’re so used to having them so often. I actually asked my RE if the medicine was keeping me pregnant, so I get where you’re coming from!

  18. deanna replied:

    So glad to hear things are looking good, and glad you got to look in on your little sweetie again. =)I totally get your teary shirt episode. I’m most definitely not looking forward to the boob explosion. Oy.

  19. Egged Out replied:

    Hi Meghan, I tagged you –Here are the rules:1) Link to the person who tagged you 2) Post the rules3) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself4) Tag at least three people5) Make sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting what you didtake care and good luck this week with color coordinating!

  20. Ms Heathen replied:

    My grandmother once did the same. When she realised that people were laughing and pointing at her feet, she said very breezily, ‘I see you’re admiring my shoes; I have another pair exactly the same at home.’Glad to hear that the OB appt went well.

  21. ~Carrie replied:

    I hear that a healthy pregnancy can make you temporarily color blind 😉Glad your appointment went well. I bet you’re counting the days until March 6!

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