Happy Valentine’s Day

Once again, I’m sorry for being such a bad blogger. I do have a good (umm….bitter and sarcastic) post about all of the stupid things people have said to me now that I’m you know what. It really is ridiculous.

Nothing new really, just wanted to pass a little loving along to my stirrup queen friends. Hope everyone has a great night!


February 15, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Heather replied:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  2. ~Carrie replied:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I can’t even imagine what idiotic things have been said to you. Now I’m curious! 🙂

  3. Fertilize Me replied:

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  4. LIW (Lady In Waiting) replied:

    I look forward to your stories.Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.XOXO

  5. Sunny replied:

    Right back at you sweets!

  6. Allison replied:

    Ooooh – I’m curious too. People never cease to amaze me though.Happy V Day (a little late…)

  7. A replied:

    Happy (belated) V-day!

  8. Lea Bee replied:

    thanks sweetie 🙂

  9. Hopeful replied:

    You’ve been TAGGED! Check out my blog for rules.Hope everything is going great with your PREGNANCY!

  10. The Murray Crew replied:

    I’ll be checking back and comparing notes…JenMama to Quadruplets

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