ta da…the pic **belly pic in post**

Let me start by saying that I was SO opposed to belly pics until about 4 days ago. Funny how your perspective changes. However, recognizing that they sometimes suck to look at, I will always include a little warning in the title of the post.

Thanks for all the supportive comments, you ladies are so good for my self esteem! So here it is….this was 12w4d. And, you can be honest, I know it is a bit big for 12 weeks. And I apologize for the quality of the picture and being headless…it wasn’t a good hair or anything day. Also don’t look at the black sports bra/wife beater combo…I generally chose comfort over fashion.

We’re heading up to NY this weekend to see the nieces. Fingers crossed that it all goes better than our last trip up there in January.


March 7, 2008. belly pics.


  1. Jen replied:

    Excellent belly picture. It didn’t suck to look at even a little bit.

  2. Leah replied:

    Yay! I love the belly pic. Thanks for posting! To that witch who asked if you were carrying twins… take THIS [insert rude finger gesture here]. You look fantastic!

  3. MoonNStarMommy replied:

    your bump is ADORABLE and I don’t think it’s too big at all…

  4. Fertilized replied:

    Look at that CUTE baby bump!! LOVE IT!

  5. MomMD replied:

    That is the cutest little bump ever! It’s perfect and I’d be showing it off if I were you 🙂

  6. sara replied:

    What a great belly pic! Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. Looking good!

  7. TeamWinks replied:

    You actually look pregnant. What kick that must be for you! Enjoy your trip!

  8. Morrisa replied:

    I think you have a cute little bump!

  9. Shelby replied:

    What a cute belly!! I definitely do not think it looks like you’re carrying twins at all! Have a great weekend!

  10. Michell replied:

    Great belly pic. Thanks for posting. You do look fantastic and not overly large.

  11. Jen replied:

    That’s such a cute belly shot!

  12. SaraS-P replied:

    Grrr…got an error message when I tried to comment.Love the bump! Bellies are beautiful!

  13. Jennifer replied:

    Your belly looks great – the perfect little bump! I love the photo…thanks for sharing. Have fun in NY!!!

  14. Egged Out replied:

    You look great!

  15. Adriane replied:

    Looks great!!!!

  16. Geohde replied:

    You’ll get used to the dumb comments.I’ve been told I’m both huuuuge and baaaarreeeelllly look pregnant in the same day.J

  17. Pamela Jeanne replied:

    Looking good! Hope the trip went well.

  18. LIW (Lady In Waiting) replied:

    I think you look GREAT. I am getting pissed off with how people have such rules re: how much we should show when. Everything I have been reading lately indicates that it will vary with each woman and with each pregnancy!!!My bump is not too far behind yours and Little Life is 2 weeks behind your little one. My bump still hasn’t really hardened up completely – it’s still a bit jiggly when I sit down – but it is definitely getting there. My coworker, who knows I am pregnant, noticed it today and squealed. She is so excited for me and thinks it is great that I am showing a couple days shy of 11 weeks. I am wearing all of my loose shirts but even then it is noticeable. Mr. LIW wants to take a belly shot starting at 12 weeks. I am nervous about it. I tend to not like pictures of myself – especially my body – and I worry that I won’t like a picture of my body for the world to see. Which is especially weird because I love my bump.You have inspired me to do it!And I am glad that you are starting to feel more confident about the pregnancy. I am only sad to hear that you are still feeling so badly. Hopefully, it will ease up in the next two weeks so that you can start to enjoy the pregnancy more.XOXO

  19. K77 replied:

    You look so cute! How rude of that woman.

  20. deanna replied:

    Gorgeous!!! Really and truly! So glad you posted the pic!

  21. Lea Bee replied:

    So CUTE!

  22. Busted replied:

    What an ADORABLE bump!

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