catching up

Not really too much to catch up on. I’ve been working extra hours like crazy. The need for f.ollistim money has turned into maternity leave money. For some reason, I never really anticipated the need to fund my leave and thought that once I didn’t need money for the meds, I could cut back on my hours. Either way, I’m working a ton. Like today (Sunday, the day of rest), I’m doing a 4 hour training. Now I shouldn’t complain too much because that is some good money, but it’s Sunday, I worked yesterday, AND I’m missing the monthly get together of the DC Stirrup Queens (Aka-the Order of the Plastic Uterus). And my freakin cat has decided to turn into a furry orange alarm clock and has woken me up precisely at 6:20 the last 2 days. So basically I’m just whiny.

And is it bad that yesterday, while on the beltway and narrowly avoiding a pretty major accident, these were my first 2 thoughts (ok, my first thought was “whew…thank god” but the next 2 thoughts closely followed): That totally would have scored me an ultrasound (I swear, I’m an addict and since it’s been 3 weeks since my last fix I’m jonesing BIG time) and that would have gotten me out of work tomorrow.

In exciting news we booked a Spring break trip–we’re going to Vegas baby! Mr H found these fantastic condos a block off the strip that are linked to M.GM but have their own pool, entrance, etc. SOOO excited. I booked a massage, we’re going to get some real good eats in, and see a show (leaning towards La Reve…any opinions out there???) We leave next Sunday. Now is it a bad thing to be heading to Sin City on Easter Sunday? Hoping not. Every year my school’s spring break has fallen on our anniversary but this year, with easter being so early, it isn’t. But we decided to take a trip and start celebrating a week early…just for fun!

Hope all is well…and for my DC ladies, have a fantastic lunch. I’ll be with you in spirit!


March 16, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Jen replied:

    My husband really wants to go to Vegas! That sounds like a lot of fun. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Fertilized replied:

    I am glad that you are safe and well. I hear ya about hte saving for maternity after cycling. I have been working my tail of for hte same reasoning and it sucks.Vegas- HOO RAH!! Have a great trip

  3. Dawn replied:

    If the show is still playing, “O” is absolutely fantastic. I believe it was at the Bellagio, but I’m not sure if it is still playing or not.UNC NICU RN

  4. JJ replied:

    Ooo have a great time in Vegas=)

  5. twinboysmom replied:

    Hi,I went to Vegas last month and saw Le Reve, it was amazing if you are interested in the aquatics, acrobatics, musical, and theatrical aspects of a show, however, I could barely follow the story!! Despite that, I loved it. My husband hated it!! I wanted to see O at the Bellagio but it was all booked (about a month out). O is a lot more expensive too. I heard O and Le Reve are very similar too. Have fun!

  6. Jennifer replied:

    Friends of mine are going to Vegas for a GIRLS WEEKEND! I wish I could go…that is such a fun town…I hope you have a fantastic time with your DH!!!

  7. deanna replied:

    I’m so with you on looking for ANY reason to score an ultrasound! Have a super time in Vegas!

  8. LIW (Lady In Waiting) replied:

    Sounds like a fantastic trip. Vegas is always an experience.I know *exactly* what you mean in terms of needing an u/s. Even Mr. LIW was miffed that our next appt with the OB team isn’t until April 14th. We are actually grateful for the NT scan next week just to get another look!Sorry you are working so much. No matter how much money you get, it always stinks.XOXO

  9. Adriane replied:

    That sucks that you’re working so much!! You deserve a break for sure. Vegas sounds like a great time!!!

  10. ~Carrie replied:

    Been meaning to mention that I liked your cute belly pic. 🙂 Anyway, 3 weeks and no u/s must be frustrating! I think they should allow one every 2 weeks, all through pregnancy! (like that would ever happen) I hope you get a break in your work schedule soon.VEGAS! That sounds fantastic. I have never been and swear that I will get there one day.

  11. MoonNStarMommy replied:

    I have to take my hubby to Vegas yet… I’ve been there once. I totally LOL’d at your narrow escape thoughts… I had one simular yesterday when I felt like I was on my death bed with the flu… I kept thinking when the Hubby kept asking me if I wanted to go in, that if I said yes – made the cramping a little more serious sounding, I’d probably get an ultrasound… luckily my fear of jinxing the pregnancy and knowing all they could do is give me fluids… and I really didn’t want to sit around the ER for hours… I decided to pass…

  12. SaraS-P replied:

    Enjoy your trip!

  13. sara replied:

    Just wanted to say hi and hope things are going well!

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