Extremely important post

In my cleaning madness I convinced Mr H to buy a Dyson. I have a very short window before he re-thinks this decision. Someone tell me which one is best…


April 10, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Jen replied:

    I know I emailed you already with my love of the Dyson, but I wanted to write it here too, in case anyone else wanted to know. I have the Dyson Animal (the purple one) and I am totally in love. Get the one with the ball too.

  2. E replied:

    We have the purple animal one too and it is the BOMB. GO NOW!!!

  3. deanna replied:

    Oh! You should ask Mel! She just bought one like 6 months ago and loves it! I can’t remember which kind she bought, but just ask her what kind of “cricket catcher” she got. =)

  4. Geohde replied:

    I wish I knew,I’ve been trying to convince my husband for ages, to no avail,J

  5. Cece replied:

    Ha. Now here is the advantage to having cleaning ladies. Kidding! I could never get Aaron to agree to a dyson.. although I’ve been pushing for a roomba – figuring that the robot aspect would maybe appeal!?

  6. Emily replied:

    We have the Pink one – it was a special one at target to beneift breast cancer. I think it is the one below the Animal. I big, puffy heart love it! I loved my central vac more, but this is a close 2nd. You will love it – it makes cleaning fun!

  7. sara replied:

    I have the yellow dyson and really like it. Actually I have the small handheld one too which works great- but losses it’s charge after 6 minutes of constant use.

  8. TeamWinks replied:

    I didn’t have a fortune to spend, but still wanted a Dyson. I have the red one from Target, and love it! One of my girlfriends has the animal (purple one) and loves it too. She has two dogs, and so it passed that test!

  9. Stacy replied:

    I have the purple Dyson Animal and love love LOVE it!

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