Traffic distractions

First and foremost, everyone go send some love over to Leah, who is now on bedrest. Not only is she on bedrest, but she also has a curious little preschooler who doesn’t quite understand the concept.

Now I had all these fantastic posts floating around in my head that went completely out the window when I saw a lovely cop helping a broken down cab. He happened to look just like this fine young man. Since my 35 minute commute was at over an hour and I was sitting at a traffic light, I welcomed the distraction. His hair blew in the spring breeze. Apparently the light changed as he started to push the car out of traffic and I wiped drool from my chin as the folks behind me honked. Since I do love my husband, I’m going to blame this on hormones…but damn!

So that was my evening. Came home to leftovers and a night with the DVR…how disappointing


April 15, 2008. fun stuff.


  1. Leah replied:

    Thanks for the kind words. Luckily I was insanely busy with work today (from my couch) so that helped distract me from the reality of how much it sucks to be on bedrest.Wish I had gotten to see a hot, drool-worthy cop! πŸ™‚

  2. Fertilized replied:

    OHYUM … MEOW!! Why do i only deal with the ones that have absolutely no resemblence to HIM?!?

  3. Jen replied:

    Hmm…good cop to find. I’m surprised you didn’t have “car problems” all of a sudden.

  4. Geohde replied:

    Leftovers and DVR would be precisely my cup of tea, but then I’m very easy to please πŸ™‚J

  5. Morrisa replied:

    Wow! I am jealous! I agree, I would have had “car problems.”

  6. Jen replied:

    Sounds like it would be worth getting a speeding ticket to meet that cop, LOL!

  7. Maria replied:

    Nice, who doesn’t love a little Jason Bourne to distract them from their long commute.

  8. Laura replied:

    If you are going to be stuck in traffic, that is the way to do it! πŸ™‚

  9. Lori replied:

    Good thing traffic wasn’t moving when you caught a glimpse of him — could have been dangerous at 60 mph!

  10. sara replied:

    Yummm…manly eye candy. Gotta love that to make a commute go a little faster!

  11. sara replied:

    Too bad there wasn’t a honk if you’re horny bumber sticker near by, yours might have gotten stuck from honking – mine would have!

  12. Mama replied:

    Why is that any time I have an encounter with a police officer (admittedly, and luckily, that’s not that often) they never look like that? Glad you found a silver lining to your commute!!!

  13. Adriane replied:

    Fun! I think I would have pulled over and faked car trouble of my own. πŸ™‚

  14. Michell replied:

    Yes, I think I would stop and drool too.

  15. Sunny replied:

    Oh what a nice distraction. mmmm!

  16. tabesh ali replied:

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  17. dmarie replied:

    Lovely distraction πŸ™‚

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