**disclaimer** I wouldn’t read this if you’re not in a good place

Are you kidding me? They have to stop, it’s getting ridiculous. They alone are going to responsible for SOOO much over-population. I couldn’t even read the whole stupid thing about God’s gifts and all that nonsense. And if I was 20, I’d be a little weirded out that my mom kept getting knocked up.

And one more thing…who the fuck announces they are pregnant to the entire world wide web???


May 9, 2008. arg.


  1. Jen replied:

    Yeah, I keep wondering when pregnancy is going to start becoming dangerous for her.

  2. infertility just sucks replied:

    Yes, totally ridiculous. We do not live in Pioneer Days when you NEEDED a lot of kids to make the farm work.All of the work that they have to do? They created it themselves. They’re completely bonkers in my book.

  3. Jen replied:

    All I could think is that with a due date of 1/1, she is crazy for announcing that to the world. I mean so much could happen. These people are crazy.

  4. Morrisa replied:

    These people are totally insane! They could start their own little cult with all of the kids they have.

  5. Fertilized replied:

    I saw this and totally throw up alil in my mouth ..

  6. Julia replied:

    Yup– throw up in my mouth, a little. Aside from anything else, announcement at six weeks? Cocky much?

  7. Heather replied:

    I feel bad for the kids, the older ones have lost out on a bit of their own childhood by having to take care of their siblings.I can’t imagine having to deal with that many relatives every day. I think I would shoot myself.

  8. Michell replied:

    Oh yes. I saw that and did read it. I had a very hard time with “we’ll keep having children as long as god allows” Excuse me but how is that God allows you to have 18 and me and many others I know, none.

  9. Rebecca replied:

    I have to say…I HATE THEM! They creep me out and I just don’t understand the whole concept. Maybe I’m like you and totally bitter about this “in your face” approach to their family, but come on…what is your reasoning (and I can’t listen to the whole “it’s God’s will thing again). Thank you for bringing this up…so annoying!

  10. sara replied:

    I just left a comment on someone else’s post about the same thing. That is absolutely insane. How the heck do you afford a 7000 square foot house with 18 kids? Not that they don’t need all the space for their village, I mean family. Crazy!

  11. Adriane replied:

    Ugh, I KNOW!! Ya’ll are super fertile. We get it. Enough already. On another note, hope you are doing/feeling great!!

  12. Dr. Grumbles replied:

    I think I just coughed up a hairball over that one!

  13. Jen replied:

    Only a fertile person would announce a pregnancy that early.I say that they are complete showoffs. And also? Her uterus is going to FALL OUT.

  14. chicklet replied:

    I’m pretty sure she blinks and gets pregnant, cuz with 18 kids or whatever the hell it is, like she has time for sex.

  15. Kim replied:

    I have to de-lurk to tell you that I saw this woman make her “big” (is it really that big when it’s number 18?) announcement and I thought the same thing. Pathologically fertile. Her kids had these frozen unnatural smiles that said (I think) – Oh god, another kid for us to take care of. My husband pointed out that if an orphanage had a 1 to 9 (less actually, since dad works of course he can’t take care of the kids during the day) caretaker to kid ratio it would probably be shut down.And I must add that I’m a bit offended that they get all this coverage that seems by-and-large positive and never once asks if this is really a good environment for the kids.

  16. sarah23 replied:

    I saw this on another website, too. I think they’re wacky, but I gotta admit… I do enjoy watching their TV shows. πŸ™‚One more thing, though… I was 23 when my mom (age 44) got pg with my sister, and I was THRILLED for her. On the other hand, it was only baby #2 for her. (Me being baby #1). She was divorced for most of the time in between, and it took 2-3 years to get pg with my sister. πŸ™‚

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