I’ve said it before but you ladies really are fantastic for my self esteem! I wish I could keep you in my pocket or something 😉

Survived the glucose test. Not sure when I’ll find out if I passed or not, I’m hoping before my next appt since it’s a ways off. The stuff was sickeningly sweet. I started to feel a little sick to my stomach as we approached the hour cut off and was a little dizzy. I had a banana in my bag that I was unpeeling as I walked out the door of the lab. Really hope I pass, I don’t know if I could manage the 3 hr.

Worked from home the rest of the day. Should have went in because I’ve ended up on the phone all day. To me, working from home always involves an afternoon nap….no such luck today. I did manage to sign up for our childbirth class. I’m not sure what I think about a breastfeeding class. Anyone think it was useful? I know there are lactation consultants at the hospital so I don’t know if I want to drop the 50 bucks.

Ugggg….phone is ringing again….


June 26, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. dmarie replied:

    Hoping you pass too 🙂

  2. Jen replied:

    I hope you pass too! I bet you will. Working from home for me always includes lunch in my good chair and reading a book.

  3. Michell replied:

    Glad the glucose test is done and hope you passed. I hope you still manage a nap sometime today.

  4. Kristen replied:

    Good luck with the glucose test! I failed my 1-hour and had to do the nasty 3-hour. I soooooooo hope you don’t have the same experience.I found the breastfeeding class helpful, but mine was only $30 so I felt it was worth the money. It was also good for DH to go and be involved and hear from an LC about how challenging it will be, since he will be my main support person in all of this. They gave some coupons for nursing bras and they also gave out a great book with info for pumping and BFing. I have flipped through it but haven’t gone cover to cover yet. Overall, I would recommend it.

  5. Ms. Infertile replied:

    Hope you pass the glucose test too. I had to do the 3 hour and it’s worse but still not too bad. Hoping you don’t have to though.My BF class is only $10.00 so I thought it would be worth the $$. It’s not until August though. Maybe another hospital in your area offers at a lower cost??

  6. LJ replied:

    My fingers are crossed!!

  7. Blog-A-Baby replied:

    Personally, as someone who breastfed for over a year, I wouldn’t waste my time or money on a class. Talk to other moms in real life or online and get advice that way. It’s one of those things that is so different for every mom…some find it easy, some find it to be too much trouble. As long as you’re aware that it might not be easy and you’ve got those lactation consultants behind you from the beginning then I think you’ll do just fine without the class.

  8. Morrisa replied:

    I wish I could work from home but I probably wouldn’t get any work done anyway. I hope you pass, I’m keep everything crossed!

  9. Not on Fire replied:

    I loved the class that I took. I don’t remember what it cost, but you can not get too much preparation for breastfeeding. It is so different that anything that you have done before.

  10. Fertilized replied:

    crossing my fingers!

  11. hoping for a child replied:

    call me a cynic, but it sounds like a scam. i’m told i likely won’t be able to breastfeed but i figure it’s the most natural thing in the world…do i really have to take a class? i’ve never heard of such a thing but i’m really new at this so don’t take advice from me. what other classes do i have to take?

  12. Leah replied:

    I definitely hope you pass. The 3 hour test really sucks as you get to eat NOTHING but instead have to chug that wretched shit for 3 hours. Ick. I’ll have everything crossed for you.I didn’t take a breastfeeding class, and I managed just fine. I just leaned hard on the lactation consultants in the hospital and my friends — and they have a hotline you can call to talk to the LCs after you check out. I found that it wasn’t particularly useful to try to educate myself on breastfeeding until I had boobs making milk and an infant attempting to latch on to them. Prior to that, it’s just so theoretical it seemed a waste.Are you coming on Sunday? I can show you how to make a hands-free pumping bra and give you lots of free advice (which I can put in an email too for reference) about my trials and tribulations.

  13. deanna replied:

    Wishing you much luck in the glucose test! We just signed up for our childbirthing classes, too! What kind are you taking, if you don’t mind sharing? I know there are several different schools of theory out there.

  14. Adriane replied:

    yay for surviving the gtt. Hope you get good results!

  15. Amelia Sprout replied:

    I took the class, and it was worth it. I’ve been surounded by women who bf, but I never “got it”. It was also especially helpful for my husband, who actually thought they were connected, milk supply wise. Women with supportive and informed spouses have more success with breastfeeding.

  16. Rebecca replied:

    I thought about doing the BF class, but there are a ton of LC’s in my hospital and they’re great apparently. Good luck on the glucose too…I too had to go for the 3 hour and survived…what does not kill us makes us stronger…isn’t that how it goes??

  17. Tanya replied:

    It’s pretty common to fail the first test but I hope you don’t have to take the 3 hour one. Bloodwork sucks!

  18. docgrumbles replied:

    Hope you pass the test and avoid the 3 hour!

  19. seussgirl replied:

    Hi – doing some backreading to catch up on all the new Braces Bunch people!I haven’t read all the comments, so if you’ve gotten lots of advice, I apologize. We only took the prepared childbirth class. I spoke to no less than 5 lactaction consultants while I was in the hospital. most of them were helpful. And there are always people you can call after the birth if you do need help. I’d probably save the 50 bucks and invest it in a pump if you’re getting one. I have recommendations on that, too, if you’re looking for them. 🙂

  20. sara replied:

    I’m glad that icky test is done for you and I hope you pass with flying colors 🙂 Hope you are able to squeeze in a little nap too!

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