if one more person…

comments on how big I am, how long I’ve been pregnant, or how much longer I have to be pregnant I will not be held responsible for my actions. And yes, I know my ankle bones are MIA but it’s hot and you see, DC was built on a swamp so it’s also humid and nasty. And yes, I know I should stay off my feet but I work in special ed and I can’t really tell all these cute little kids that I need to rest for 15 minutes and could they please find something to do…because they won’t, in fact, they’ll probably just play with their poo and since I don’t want to clean it up, it is much better for me to just not take that break.

Have plenty of updates for everyone if I ever get a spare minute. Had a little scare last week with the old irritable ute acting up. Got the complete pre-term labor workup (none of you mentioned just how unpleasant those cervix checks are) but all is well and I should be resting more. HA!!! But I do love that my ob’s office takes everything seriously and brought me in instead if just dismissing everything I said.

And I also know I haven’t been commenting a ton lately….but I am reading. This was my 2 minute get off my feet break…back to work now ;(


July 8, 2008. tired, work stuff.


  1. Sunny replied:

    Shut up! You look SO GOOD! Little belly and all. There is nothing big about you.

  2. dmarie replied:

    Glad you got off your feet for 2 minutes 🙂Sorry you’re getting annoying comments. No matter what the situation is, there’s always someone available to say something inappropriate.

  3. Jen replied:

    ARGH! I feel you pain as a fellow vessel. I am starting to wonder if anyone even remembers that I actually exist personally.

  4. Julia replied:

    Um, I did too mention the unpleasant part. I believe my exact quote was “wow, wow, wow.” Or something like that.Glad you are mostly ok.

  5. K @ ourboxofrain replied:

    I too am done with the comments. One woman at church asks every week if *this* is the week I am due. Seriously, lady, can you not keep your trap shut?? I hope you get another 2 minutes off your feet soon so you can avoid any further PTL scares!

  6. Geohde replied:

    I found the earlier cervix exams not too bad, but the ones after 28 weeks? Scrape me off the ceiling…J

  7. deanna replied:

    Yeah, I love all the advice to either “get off your feet” or (in my case) “get up from the computer and walk around every 15 minutes.” Seriously. If I got up from my desk to take a stroll every 15 MINUTES, I wouldn’t get jackshit done. Just not realistic advice for real women. All the same, I hope you do find little moments to take a break now and then. =)

  8. sara replied:

    I’m glad everything was well after the irritable ute acted up – sorry about the icky cervix checks…yup those aren’t fun 😦 (I feel bad for not warning you, and I think the farther along you are the more uncomfy that they are is what I’ve heard.) People are stupid with comments and I will beat them up for you if you want, I just need names, okay? LOL!I didn’t know you worked in special ed (where the hell have I been?) But my sister is a special ed teacher as well. It takes a strong and special person to do that, and someone with a big heart – so thank you for taking such good care of a unique group of students!

  9. docgrumbles replied:

    I hope people cut out the unwelcome comments!

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