what is that room in my house?

Apparently it is the start of a nursery. My family staged a bit of an intervention last week basically telling me to get my head out of the sand and start getting ready for this kid to come. I was told that the baby is going to show up whether I have things ready or not so wouldn’t it be better to get ready? So we had a painting party with my brother and his wife. The room is a nice light green. It doesn’t scream nursery thankfully since we’re hoping to move in a few years. New carpets in the whole house are getting installed next week (our house is 32 yrs old and still has the original carpets, thankfully not shag but still pretty nasty) and the…gulp…crib and dresser get delivered the weekend of the 26th. Holy shit.

Since we had handy, free labor available, we also painted our bedroom. We have been wanting to paint in there since we moved in. The previous owners were big fans of two-toning things so it was a urine yellow bedroom with one wall looking like someone who is extremely dehydrated. It looks SOOOOO much better now. Just need to do some touch-ups tomorrow (only problem with free labor is that you have to give them beer and the quality of work tends to go down as things progress) and I can’t wait to put it all back together.

So that’s my exciting weekend. Have to work for a bit tomorrow, but it’s my private consult work so at least I get paid for it. Otherwise only 3 more weeks of summer session left…and they have to go better than this week did….there really isn’t anyway for them to go worse.

oh….and my only other news, I have become addicted to F.lair on f.acebook..someone needs to stage an intervention for that!


July 13, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Diana replied:

    Sounds great! Post some pics!!

  2. Jen replied:

    Matt staged the opposite kind of intervention and took “that room” as an office. I had been using it as storage. He says that he plans to give it back eventually.

  3. docgrumbles replied:

    Flair is addictive!Hooray for nurseries!

  4. Laura McIntyre replied:

    Congrats on starting your nursery, free labor is always great. We are in the midst of a big house redo and could no with some of that.You looked lovely in your belly shots, i hate how people always have to comment on size. Its none of there business.

  5. Adriane replied:

    Yay for getting the nursery painted. It will all start coming together quickly when the furniture arrives in a couple of weeks!!! Can’t wait to see pics.

  6. sara replied:

    Congrats on having such a productive weekend. This must be a paint themed weekend or something because I actually started thinking about that for our house as well. Free labor is awesome!

  7. Michell replied:

    Glad that you got some house stuff done over the weekend. The painting and all will be a nice change. I laughed a bit about your free labor and the beer comment. How true that is. Hope your week goes well.

  8. Emily replied:

    yay! sounds great! post pics soon! LOVE flair – it is totally addicting!

  9. K @ ourboxofrain replied:

    It really is amazing how many of us got cracking on our “that rooms” recently. I can’t wait to see pictures!I am a big Facebook junkie but am unfamiliar with Flair. I suspect this moment may mark the end of my afternoon 🙂

  10. Maria replied:

    I’m glad you got to have some home improvements done with the help of others.Post some pics when you can.

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