boring and don’t know anything

First off, I can not access both blogger and b.logspot at work again so I again have procrastination tools. It was a rough few days for a while there.

Had another boring OB appointment on Friday. I do like boring appointments but sometimes I wonder what the point is. This time I had a list of questions, even though I knew every symptom I have is normal, I just wanted to take up a little of his time. Even with all my questions, I’d say the appointment was under 5 minutes. But I definitely don’t want drama…no drama at all. I did ask if I’d ever get another ultrasound and he the answer was no. Little bummed about that. I’d love to sneak a peak, I’m so curious what she looks like!

Still pretty much in denial about everything that needs to get done. Apparently I should have a bag packed, diapers bought, clothes washed, and all that stuff…but I don’t. I still can’t fathom bringing home a real life baby in 6 weeks.

Thought alot about the whole birth plan thing. Found some crazy ones (one person specified what playlist she wanted at certain points in the labor…how insane is that!!!). I decided that all I care about is a healthy baby and however that needs to happen I’m fine with. Conception certainly wasn’t what I thought it would be and I got over that (well, sort of). I just don’t want to go in with any expectations. And, I never went to med school, so really, who the hell am I to make demands about any of this? Apparently I don’t even know how to get myself knocked up…why on earth would I think I knew anything about delivering a baby!?!?

Not a very interesting post, sorry…it’s all about how I’m boring and don’t know anything…lovely right??


August 5, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. TeamWinks replied:

    Hey, it’s ok to not have a plan. You know what happens when you start making plans!

  2. Fertilized replied:

    i did not have a birth plan – I dont think it would have happened like a “plan” even if i did. And I managed to get through it and we are just fine – you will too. There re lots of really great coaches/dr/nurses that will tell you exactly what to do when to do it- they ask lots of times if you are comfortable and all that – you will do fine!

  3. Bean replied:

    OMG! Time flies, I can’t believe you’re only 6 weeks away!!!!

  4. Rebecca replied:

    Boring is good…I’m not writing up a plan b/c things could change at any time. It’s too “control freaky” to do the whole playlist thing…that is a little too much for me! It is scary to realize that your little one will be home soon and you’ll have it all together…it’ll just fall into place! Glad to hear things are going well for you.

  5. sara replied:

    I would say I love your post – and it’s not boring at all! I think you have a cool idea about going with the flow and not being too rigid. I am so excited for you as you come down this home stretch – and you are going to do great. Keep the boring updates coming because I like hearing how things are going – and boring is good šŸ™‚

  6. battynurse replied:

    Boring when it comes to doctors appointments is good. But that was a really crappy answer anyways that no you won’t have any more ultrasounds. 6 weeks is getting mighty close. Wow. As far as the birth plan, when I worked NICU we used to sort of be superstitious that the more extensive the birth plan the more likely the mom would end up with a c section.

  7. Ms. Infertile replied:

    6 weeks is close! You’ll get everything done that needs to be. And I like the idea of no birth plan either.Glad things are going well and staying boring for you.

  8. Adriane replied:

    Less than 6 weeks away – I can’t believe it!! I laughed when I read your comments about the birth plan. I thought long and hard about the topic, too, and ended up without one. Bringing home two healthy babies was my birth plan. šŸ™‚

  9. Yoka replied:

    6 weeks? Wow!!! Meghan, that is awesome… I still remember when I saw you at the meeting of the TOOTPU and you had just found out about it a couple of days earlier…

  10. Ann replied:

    The doctor’s appointments may seem pointless, but they do have to monitor your blood pressure and the protein in your urine. God forbid something took a wrong turn, and you were none the wiser!

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