Contents of my grocery cart

I should have taken a picture. In my basket were: breast pads, maxi pads, and….B.en and Jerr.y’s chocolate fudge brownie. Yum! I went with the self-scan for checkout. I did not need some cashier discussing me in the break room later on.

Thanks for all your sweet comments. Nice to know that my shopping trip last week paid off! I love that shirt I was wearing. Going to have to find a few more times to fit it in.

The shower was beautiful. My sis-in-law, cousin, and college friend threw it and they did an amazing job! And we got so much stuff! Everyone was so amazingly generous. It was wonderful to have so many people I love there celebrating little Q.

Speaking of stuff, my friend also filled her car with all of her leftover “necessities” she is giving to us. Generous yes but she has a very liberal version of necessity. I mentioned that we were going the minimalist route, not only because we don’t have a ton of space but also because I feel very strongly that an infant does not need cashmere, or a bouncy seat with an ip.od hook-up, etc, etc. I also told her some things we already had that other people had given us. Her necessities included 2 bouncy seats (told her we already had one for our house and one for my mom), a swing (told her we didn’t have room), a travel swing (really???), dry clean only baby clothes (what??) and some other ridiculous things. And in case you were wondering, she lives in a very wealthy Connecticut suburb. Makes sense now, right?

The day after the shower my cousin, who is a photojournalist but does other photography on the side, took some maternity pictures. I was against the idea of them at first but realized that I want some memory of this. And I would have not been comfortable being bare-bellied in front of anyone else. They came out amazing, still not sure if I’ll have the guts to post any other them or not though. If any of you FL ladies (she lives around T.ampa) are interested, she really is fantastic.

Saturday is a big milestone….full term, 37 weeks! I’ve been making a conscious effort to enjoy the last few weeks. I’m afraid I’m going to resent the fact that I was so scared in the beginning and kept rushing it along. I’m also afraid that she’s going to come before we’re ready! I still haven’t packed a bag, haven’t finished buying everything, our to do list is VERY long. So long that I broke it down into deadlines. Things that have to be done before she comes and things that can wait. Because otherwise it was way too overwhelming.

Had my 37 week appt today. Was negative for the group B strep, for some reason this test didn’t even bother me and was probably the only thing I didn’t worry about this entire time. I’m at the point that I just want her to come out healthy, if that meant I had to be on antibiotics beforehand, so be it. Only thing that upset me at the appointment was that on the scale, they almost had to move the big one on the bottom over a notch. Mr H so did not get why this made me upset and gave me the whole, it’s the baby, you’ll lose the weight speech. Rationally, I get all that, but there is something about jumping into that next category that upsets me. Also because I don’t only have the pregnancy weight to lose (26 lbs so far) but also the 30 infertility pounds. Those are really the kicker! So of course, since I’m bummed about the numbers on the scale, what do I do….go to the store to buy boob pads and ice cream!!! Very good choice, right??


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  1. sara replied:

    I’m so glad you had a great shower! You made me giggle about the ice cream and boob pads. I had my mom pick me up some boob pads the other day because somehow I recently started leaking already. My poor mom – but I was afraid of what Jason would come home with if I sent him, LOL! You are so close now, and I truly couldn’t be happier for you guys!

  2. Jen replied:

    Ah yes, the infertility pounds. I’ve got a bunch of those stacked on top of the grad school pounds. Watch for my blog to become a parenting/weight loss blog by later this fall. Ugh.Just keep that to do list moving along in small pieces, and I’m sure you’ll get enough of it done!

  3. Jen replied:

    That is a lot of stuff for necessities. Yikes! And I am sorry, what? Dry clean only baby clothes? I don’t even have any dry clean only adult clothes!

  4. Geohde replied:

    I have to put my hand up to being guilty of buying far too much crap- and I keep buying it. But I also use it all. It’s a toughie to explain how two such small people could need so much stuff!J

  5. Morrisa replied:

    So glad the shower went well! Dry clean only baby clothes? What on earth!

  6. LIW (Lady In Waiting) replied:

    Boy, do I understand what you are going through!!! The to-do list worries, the anticipation, the weight concerns. My list is also so long but, like you, I am trying to be realistic and prioritize. I have started packing a bag but, honestly, most things will have to be packed last minute. But I plan on spending a little time every week adding one item. That’s the only way it will get done. I have resigned myself to the fact that the crib may not be set up in time but LL will be in the porta crib in my room for a while so I am letting that one go. But it’s hard, I know.I also agree with the minimilist approach and, so far, I haven’t found a friend like yours with tons of stuff to offer. I guess that’s good, right? 🙂You are definitely blazing the trail for me!! Congratulations on your shower.So glad to hear that Q is well and that you are surviving these last few weeks.XOXOXO

  7. seussgirl replied:

    I’m a firm believer that ice cream makes everything better. 🙂 And don’t forget – you’ll burn lots of calories while breastfeeding!I feel your pain with the big slider on the scale. I just got it to move back one notch at the last doctor’s appointment (barely!), and that was nice. At least the nurses don’t usually start with it on the high end – so that helps!

  8. seussgirl replied:

    P.S. I’d try the “dry-clean” clothes on the gentle cycle. If it works – yey! If not, you didn’t pay for them, right? 🙂

  9. infertility just sucks replied:

    Yes! It is the IF pounds that I am most upset about. So annoying. If I add those into my total weight gain as a sort of “total cost of this baby” scenario the number is like almost 40 pounds and I still have several weeks to go!UGH! Stupid scales.

  10. deanna replied:

    I’m glad your shower was so much fun! I’m so with you on the minimal approach. Our nursery is itsy-bitsy, but I also just don’t like the idea of making our lives so complicated with all the millions of non-essential baby things out there.The notion of dry-clean baby clothes makes me belly-laugh. Can you imagine?!

  11. chicklet replied:

    Holy crap, 37 weeks? That went so fast! Glad to hear all is well though and you’re getting good loot, and even getting some shots done (you’ll be glad later you did).

  12. battynurse replied:

    Getting on the scale always makes me want to eat. Glad the shower was great and that you got lots of stuff you needed. Except maybe the dry clean only baby clothes. Really? That so does not make sense. Anyways, I hope you’re able to finish up your projects in the next couple of weeks.

  13. dmarie replied:

    Yay for the great shower and woo-hoo for all the goodies! I think it’s so wonderful you had pics taken. I hope you post some 🙂

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