little update

I got kind of sad last night realizing that I never kept a journal of anything of this pregnancy. I was too scared that it wouldn’t work out. Now I wish I knew when Mr H first felt her kick or when you could first see the nightly earthquakes she produces through my belly. So here’s my lame ass attempt at chronicling the next 2 (or 3 weeks I guess).

Had my first internal where my hopes were up yesterday. I did get one at 29 weeks when I was experiencing pretty intense braxton hicks, but then I wanted to hear that nothing was going on. Yesterday I really wanted to have a good reason for constantly feeling like someone was thrusting a knife into my who-ha and twisting it around for sport. I wake up each morning feeling like I’ve been in a gang bang or something. But nope, only 50% effaced and fingertip dilated. And I think the only reason he said fingertip is that he thought I might cry. He did end the appointment telling me that he was doc on call for the long weekend and that someone has to be the lucky one that goes early….but I’m not counting on it.

Which is a good thing, since my mom is coming over on Monday to cook and freeze things with me. We’re making meatballs (my grandpa is the reason I am a meatball snob, he made the best meatballs ever and it is the only recipe I have that I will not sure, I will only eat homemade, everything else is crap), probably a few kinds of sauce, and maybe soup or something. That means the project for the next 2 days is to eat everything else that is in the freezer…and there’s a lot of yummy ice creams!!! Sure is hard being me, huh!?!?

Hope everyone has a wonderful 3 day weekend!! My brother and wife got a new puppy yesterday so we’re headed over there in a few. So excited to play with him!


August 30, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Jen replied:

    Meatballs, ice cream, and a new puppy? It sounds like the perfect three day weekend!

  2. Fertilized replied:

    Have fun

  3. K @ ourboxofrain replied:

    Sounds like a good long weekend! We cleaned out the freezer this morning, getting rid of anything old/unlikely to be eaten and repacking anything inefficiently packed (for example, soy sausages went from 3 boxes the size of 6 VHS tapes to a quart size ziploc). Tomorrow we begin the cooking and freezing efforts. Looks like we’re on the same wavelength.Enjoy the ice cream! We, sadly, are out. 😦

  4. deanna replied:

    Is it wrong to be jealous of your freezer? We are also out of ice cream… least until my resolve crumbles into a pathetic little heap. I told Jake we are both forbidden from buying anymore half gallons of anything, but I certainly didn’t rule out pints. They’re just little bitty pints, afterall. =)

  5. Geohde replied:

    You never know- the onset of labour is a unpredictable thing 🙂J

  6. battynurse replied:

    Meatballs sound good. I’ve never tried making them, maybe I should sometime. Hope you are enjoying your weekend cooking etc. I kind of laughed at the image in my head of you sitting there with a quivering lip looking like you might cry and the doctor saying you were a fingertip dilated. At least it’s a little hope. Hope she decides to put in an appearance soon.

  7. sara replied:

    You mentioned my two favorite things in one post. Puppies and ice cream! I had some key lime pie ice cream tonight – yummy. I hope you have a good time cooking and freezing. That sounds like a good idea. You left me cracking up when you mentioned the feeling of a gang bang…too funny!! (although I hope that feeling doesn’t last too long, and I hope things continue to move right along 🙂

  8. Morrisa replied:

    Holy cow! I can’t believe you are so close to the end! I totally understand about not wanting to keep a journal because you are worried it won’t work out. I haven’t done any of the things that I said I was going to do (take belly pictures) for fear they will just be painful reminders when it all goes downhill.

  9. Bean replied:

    Hi there. Hope you got lots of yummy stuff frozen and had fun with the puppy. I can’t believe you’re so close. Looking forward to pics of the nursery and the little miss!

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