An eruption

I thought having made it to 38 weeks 4 days meant I was safe…safe from stretch marks across the belly. Now I had a few on each hip, but I had them already from the 6th grade…the horrible year I grew 11 inches. They have grown more, but I didn’t care too much about those. Apparently one is never safe. In the middle of the day, when I went to the bathroom, I noticed that a sea of stretch marks seems to have erupted from my belly button. Seriously, one of those volcano people (magmaologists maybe??) could probably study the way they flow out in circles around it. Oh well, I will happily trade in my bikini wearing days.

In other news, I think tomorrow is my last day of work!! I was already planning on coming in late on Friday for a doctor’s appointment and at this point it isn’t worth the crazy long drive. Being in the car is probably the single most intolerable thing right now (which I recognize means that I am currently living a very blessed life). Part of me is super excited and the other part (the part that has been working her big ol butt off developing all these new fun training series and systems) is a little sad that someone else is going to be implementing it all. I want to do it! Plus, I’m a little worried that I’ll be bored next week. Now I will enjoy napping whenever the mood strikes me and I know there are things I could do around the house, but I know that I am inherently lazy and I won’t do any of them. I will sit in bed, knit, and watch daytime TV. Hmmmm…once again, a blessed life!

Speaking of blessed life, I am beyond happy that my uncle (I definitely consider him a second father) found out that he does not need lung surgery to remove some nodes they found. They had been debating taking half his lung but now say they can remove just the nodes in a day patient procedure. I am SO glad he’s going to be ok!

Oh…and I did take some pictures of the pretty much almost done nursery (still stalking c.raigslist for a glider) but the camera is still upstairs, the computer on my lap here…you see the problem don’t you. Promise they will get done, next week at the latest!

Oh…there’s always one more thing….thank you all for the good wishes lately!! You are all part of the whole blessed life thing 😉


September 3, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Jen replied:

    Hooray! No more work! Just read blogs and take naps all day. You’ll be able to fill up the time just fine. That is great about your uncle!

  2. deanna replied:

    How awesome that your leave is almost ready to start!!! Enjoy your restful days!That sucks about the stretch marks—I’m sorry! I, too, have been hoping that I’m somehow magically immune. I kind of thought they might just be waiting to the last minute for their strategic attack. Argh.

  3. Adriane replied:

    Damn stretch marks. They always seem to creep up those last few days. Hope you enjoy your time off!!

  4. Fertilized replied:

    you enjoy the time off. so sorry the stupid stretchmarks showed up

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