One week old!

I can NOT believe it has been one week already today. I still feel like I’m playing house and babysitting. Or maybe I got a guest spot on that baby traders show or whatever it was. Sweetness and I are doing pretty good, with MAJOR thanks to this lady here, feedings are going 1000x better. And today I actually feel like I could do this.

Here’s a little pic of the two of us this morning. Not the best picture of her, but it is the only one where I looked halfway decent so it’ll have to do for now. Today marked the first day I put real clothes on. And by real clothes I mean maternity. Is it sad I was excited that my maternity pants fit comfortably again?? The last few days I’ve felt like such a milk maid all I’ve done is wear a robe. I was pumping or feeding every 2 hours, no real point in getting dressed then.

I’m working on a bunch of different posts, things I want to remember, our stay (and scare) in the hospital. Someday I’ll have them all up. Let me just say one thing though–and I have a feeling I already wrote it down somewhere but the WORST thing about going into the hospital with a fairly easy labor is that every single nurse, from triage on down the line, had to comment about how I was just made to have babies, how many did I have, how soon would I be pregnant again, etc. Drove me crazy. And this is even after they mentioned that my chart said it was an assisted pregnancy–some people just don’t get it, huh?
Thank you for all the good thoughts, throughout this whole process.

September 11, 2008. the sweetness.


  1. Fertilized replied:

    Meghan Just beautiful! Hey there sweetness

  2. Jen replied:

    You two make such an adorable pair! I’m so glad that feedings are going better! I look forward to hearing more.

  3. Jen replied:

    Isn’t she lovely! Congratulations!

  4. Jennifer replied:

    You both look great…congratulations!!!

  5. LJ replied:

    AWWW – You two look wonderful!

  6. Geohde replied:

    Peope do say dumb stuff.My current favourite is a sideways look at my tits followed by asking if I ‘feed’ my twins.No, I prefer my babies to starve, of course…sigh. J

  7. deanna replied:

    What a wonderful picture! The two of you look Great! And, I’m so glad the breastfeeding is getting better. Be sure to share your best tips!I’m already dreaming big of the postpartum days when I can wear my maternity pants without feeling like my stomach is being cinched in a noose. And, I bought them in a size up all those many months ago!

  8. Shelby replied:

    You both look gorgeous!! I’m SO excited for you!

  9. dmarie replied:

    Yay–a pic!! Both of you look wonderful. Congrats Meghan.

  10. battynurse replied:

    She’s so cute. And you look great.

  11. K @ ourboxofrain replied:

    You both look great! And I’m so glad to hear that feeding is going better. Yay!

  12. Adriane replied:

    Great picture – you look great and little sweetness is just adorable!

  13. Jendeis replied:

    Look at the munchkin!! You both look gorgeous!

  14. Deborah replied:

    Re: the nursesDon’t you know, once you’ve gotten pregnant you’re not infertile anymore? Or you were never infertile to begin with (I am kidding, though people have said this to me in seriousness).Wow, she’s beautiful. Pure sweetness.

  15. sara replied:

    What a beautiful picture of the two of you! I’m glad that feedings are going better and I bet it is an odd feeling to be at home with your Sweetness. You put it so well when you said it probably feels like you’re babysitting or something else. I think it’s got to be hard to believe that after all this time and effort you’re actually home and safe with the little one you worked so hard for. At least that’s how I imagine I would feel as well. People say dumb stuff, don’t they? On my chart it says we did IVF – but my nurse yesterday asked my husband if this was a “surprise baby, LOL!” Don’t you wish, hehe! Keep up the great work, you look awesome and I am so geeked for you!

  16. sara replied:

    Oh yeah – hello Sweetness…welcome home!

  17. Jen replied:

    What an adorable, perfect little peanut! Congratulations!

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