bad kitty momma

I feel so horrible right now. On Tuesday morning our cleaning lady came and apparently she shut the door to the bathroom in the basement….the cat’s bathroom. I hardly ever go down there, it’s Mr H’s domain and he is out of town all week. So this morning, at 6 am, I open the door to the nursery to feed Sweetness and the cat runs in, squats under the rocker, and does a massive poop. Of course I yell and hit him (great reaction huh) and only after that think to check the door. So now I feel horrible, poor thing has been holding it for 2 whole days. I knew he had been extra needy and bad Tuesday night and yesterday but I just ignored it. I just really hope this doesn’t become a pattern…and I hate that he picked the babies room to do it. Only saving grace is that we had a carpet remnant under the rocker to protect the new carpet so I just picked it up and threw it out.

He still hasn’t gone in and used his litterbox yet though…guess I should be on the look out for pee somewhere too…


October 23, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Jen replied:

    Poor you and poor kitty. I’m sure he will forgive you after you give him extra treats. In fact, he probably already has.

  2. Fertilized replied:

    my kitty picks the baby’s room too.. yesterday ..made me so freakin mad

  3. Jennifer replied:

    Oops…poor little kitty…I’m sure he was so confused!

  4. sara replied:

    You’re not a bad kitty mama…you are a good mom to both the humans and the furry children. Neela our dog went in the nursery when my husband was putting together the crib and popped a squat as if to say – yup this will be my room. Gotta love the animals, right?

  5. K77 replied:

    Oh no, poor kitty and kitty momma! Cat pee/poop is the grossest.

  6. Rebecca replied:

    Awww…aren’t pets fun? For whatever reason, my dog refuses to go up and down the stairs from our main level to our bedrooms…weird!

  7. sara replied:

    How the heck are you doing mama?

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