Anyone out there?

I’m determined to get back into blogging, if there is anyone out there reading. I’ve been reading and following everyone and promise to get back to being a good commentor too.

To recap the last 3 months:

– breastfeeding–has gone from horrible to good to ok to ouch to not too bad to….It really is a rollercoaster and is NOTHING like what I thought. I pictured a warm light coming in the window as I smiled down at my peaceful little baby nursing. HA!! She still screams her way through her evening feedings. The neighbors probably think we’re torturing her. We’ve been to the doctor and ruled out reflux and colic and all those things. She just doesn’t want to eat between the hours of 5 and 10. But she’s putting on the pounds so I’m not supposed to worry

– sleeping–not to jinx anything but the girl is practically a narcoleptic. Soooo lucky on that front. We’re working on getting her into her own room since she’s still in the pack n play in our room.

– me–where to even start. I’ve had a definite case of the baby blues. I had a really hard time in early November, thinking back to all of the crap going on last November. And then of course I felt guilty for being upset. Pretty much every day I check and see what was going on this time last year. It’s crazy, I thought I had moved on from all of this crap but clearly I didn’t. On top of that, my mom is having a horrible time right now with the holidays. All sorts of family crap is going on. And I’m in the middle of deciding if I should go back to work or not. Nothing is ever easy I guess.

gotta run—shortlived little nap


December 3, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Deborah replied:

    I’m still reading, since you asked. I have you on my google reader, so whether you post often or very rarely I’ll read whatever. It’s always nice to hear other people’s experiences with new babies.

  2. JJ replied:

    Always good to see your posts=) Thanks for the update! Just let us know how you are when you can–we all know life is pretty hectic for you right now due to a little sweet girl!

  3. battynurse replied:

    still reading. Hang in there.

  4. deanna replied:

    Definitely out here, and always popping by to see if there is any news!I soooooo get you on the breastfeeding thing. It’s definitely (finally!) gotten easier for me, but it’s certainly not the blissful fantasy I had in mind.Sending hugs in your reflections on last november….

  5. Geohde replied:

    Still here, still reading. Sorry you’ve felt a bit down in the dumps,xxJ

  6. Jennifer replied:

    I’m here…glad you’re here too!

  7. Fertilized replied:

    I am here ..cheering you along

  8. KE II replied:

    I’m here too, thanks for posting, been wondering how you’ve been going. Sorry to hear things have been a bit tough, but seriously, don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ve been through alot!! Hope you can sort out the work question, always a toughie, and breastfeeding, man, it is SO much tougher than you think, I hear ya on that! I only lasted 3 months!!

  9. Bean replied:

    I’m here too. Glad to see the update, but sorry to hear you’ve been feeling down. Hopefully the cookies at Leah’s will cheer you up a bit. Looking forward to seeing you and catching up. And bring photos! 😉

  10. Lisa replied:

    Still here – checking from time to time to see if you’ve posted. Good to see an update. It’s tough to post right now – I’m just starting to find time again here and there myself. Update when you can.

  11. Dr. Grumbles replied:

    I am still reading sporadically – I have been neglecting pretty much everyone else’s blogs.Glad you are surviving, even though with some rough areas.

  12. Kate replied:

    Breastfeeding was so much harder than I thought it would be. I’m glad I did it, though.

  13. Shelby replied:

    I’m still here too!! Sorry to hear you’ve had a case of the baby blues- I’ve been there. If you ever want to grab some coffee with the little ones, let me know!

  14. Amanda replied:

    I’m still here and rooting you on!I hope things get better for you and for your Mom.

  15. K77 replied:

    Good for you for persisting with breastfeeding. It’s getting easier for us now, at 4 months.

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