Lots to update

We’re going to go with the bullets for now. I’ll try to expand on most of them in some upcoming posts. Just a warning lots and lots of baby talk ahead.

  • How much do I suck? I just logged on to update and saw my post for the last book tour sitting in my drafts. I remember racing to finish it before Obama’s speech but I guess I forgot to hit publish. I also blame the fact that I had the worst cold of my life. Big oops on that one
  • I’m back on leave again, working just one day a week. I’m loving it but why you ask??
  • Well first, Sweetness needs physical therapy. She has to.rticollis, which is most likely due to her vacuum delivery. We go once a week to the PT and have a whole series of exercises to do with her 5 times a day. Given that it is her neck, I just don’t trust someone else doing the exercises. The PT wants it to resolve by about a year or she’ll most likely recommend surgery. So it is worth me being out of work to get this fixed. She hates it but somehow continues to be her smiling, sweet self throughout it all.
  • And second, our childcare is a hot mess. We were on the waitlist for the center at Mr H’s work. When she was born we were down to # 32 on the list and they estimated we’d be in by March. Now, because of the sibling rule, we’re # 57. And they are saying that all of the siblings are not going to get in. Freaking fertiles!
  • So for now we’ve got a nanny share right near my work. First time we went was last week. I’m still not sold on it and am going to keep looking. Something about it just seems off to me. I can’t put my finger on it but I’m going to trust my gut. Until I find something better, I’m just going to keep on popping over there.
  • I can not believe that tomorrow Sweetness will be 6 months old!!! Insane
  • I caved and we are now crying it out. I didn’t want to do it, and on some level I still don’t. But now she is waking up to play, not because she needs us for any other reason. She is so much happier when she gets a good night’s sleep. We’re on night 3 of it. First night we had 5 awakenings lasting between 5 and 15 minutes, last night just 1 but it lasted for an hour. I’m still somewhat skeptical because she goes to sleep like a champ, has for months. I nurse her, rock her, sing a song, and put her in her crib with a kiss and she’s out. Sometimes she’s out until 1-ish when I feed her and other times she’s out for about 90 minutes.
  • I realized that I can not think in non-TTC terms. Hr H was out of town last week and I felt those familiar O twinges along with all the other signs that I couldn’t miss if I wanted to. My first thought…damn, we missed our chance this month. Ummmm…that would actually involve me letting him touch me and having the energy for such a thing! I seriously wonder how anyone has Irish twins!

Wow–those are some long bullets. My apologies for being MIA. I’ve been reading and following along with all of you. I’ve just been a VERY bad commentor. I’m going to try to be better though.


March 4, 2009. sweetness. 16 comments.