– Thanks for the birthday wishes. How lucky am I to share my day with these ladies?

– I had a good day. Kind of weird at times though, it was the first birthday since my dad left. And part of me thinks I sound like a 6 year old saying that. I’m an adult, it shouldn’t matter…but it does.

– Still haven’t resolved what to do about the whole weaning thing. And I am really stuck on the fact that things are, for once, working as they should. On the flip side, pumping at work is becoming more and more of a hassle. I hate feeding the robot twice a day for 30 or so minutes.

– I had my annual last week. He asked when we were going to start trying for #2. Yikes! Ummm…I have no idea. He did say just to call up and he’ll give me a referral back to my RE. I questioned him about the whole BRCA gene and if he thought I should get tested. He was fairly non-committal but said that about 10% of cancer is genetic and the rest is just bad luck. His recommendation was to think about what I would do if it was positive and go from there. I think, that right now, I’m going to wait on it. The test isn’t going anywhere, I’m taking all the appropriate proactive steps, and to be perfectly honest, I just don’t want to start the whole rigmarole of doctors appointments and tests that it would inevitably be.

– Work–I have never been less motivated in my entire life. I hate that I’ve become one of those people that is just punching the clock and working for the paycheck. My co-workers and students deserve better but I just don’t have it in me.

– Sweetness–is freaking unbelievable! I can not believe she’ll be 9 months old on Thursday. Where does the time go??? She’s crawling like a mad woman, babbling like crazy, pulling up on everything and her sole mission in life is to eat the cat’s tail. She eats better than I do. Tonight for her appetizer (otherwise known as “something to shovel in her mouth while I feed the cat and get her real food ready) she had some cheese, grapes, and chickpeas. All I’d need is a glass of wine with that and it’d be like tapas! Then she had a summer squash medley, then peaches and some yogurt. I had a hot dog…so not fair. And I am proud to say that she’s been sleeping through the night for the last 3 weeks. She finally dropped that night feed. I’m really glad I let her do it on her own. So many people were telling me she never would and I should just stop feeding her but not feeding a hungry baby just seemed mean to me. She now goes to bed around 7 or 7:30 and sleeps through until 6:45-7:15. It’s perfect!

– Bloggy maintenance. So here’s the deal with why I haven’t posted in ages. Both blogger and wordpress are blocked at work. What do you all think about typepad? Is it worth the money? And can I password protect some posts but not others? I’m thinking that’s the road I want to go down but I’m not sure. (and as an aside, that’s another reason I’m annoyed with work, no blogging or facebook). Hopefully I’ll switch to a new site soon and can be back to blogging soon. Still won’t help my commenting problem…working on that one

Thanks for those of you who check in…I so appreciate it!


June 2, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. battynurse replied:

    I'm such a slacker, I totally missed that it was your birthday. Glad it was a good one.
    I hear you on the work thing and I don't even have kids. I just need to win the lottery.

  2. Jennifer replied:

    Great to see you again…and her all your updates! I can't believe she's sleeping thru the night, I'm so jealous. Julian has been having issues lately…and wakes once or sometimes twice a night (crying)…I hope it ends soon!

    I hear ya about the work thing…I'm much the same!

  3. Jen replied:

    Yes, you are very lucky to share your birthday with someone as awesome as me. 🙂 And that Mel person too, I suppose. Happy birthday again!

    I think you should show us pictures of Sweetness. 🙂 This is a hint.

  4. JJ replied:

    Happy belated! Hope you had a GREAT day=)

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