Playing hooky

I had to take Sweetness to her 9 month appt this morning. Of course they were running late. We get in the car to drive to work and what should take 5 minutes to get the highway takes 20. So I was bad, turned around and am playing hooky. I just didn’t see the point of spending an hour in the car, working for 2 hours, then spending another hour and a half in the car to get home. Hopefully I can do enough work this afternoon and this weekend that I can still count the day. I’ve got no time saved up at all so every day I don’t work my paycheck gets docked. Today is worth it though…it’s been pouring for 2 days and the thought of sitting in all that traffic. Uggg.

Of course I’m blogging…not working.

Sweetness’s appointment went well. I’m questioning their scale though. I weighed her at home the other day using the oh so scientific method of me getting on the scale and then holding her on the scale and she was much heavier. Doesn’t matter though. More importantly, we finally got the all clear on the heart issues she had at the hospital. A nice regular rhythm and no need for any more follow up. Thank goodness. Nothing else really mattered.

Off to try to get some work done…


June 5, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Jen replied:

    That seems fair to me!

  2. Jennifer replied:

    Hooky days are the best…especially when it's raining and you can just hang at home!

    Great news about her sweet little heart!

  3. Maria Confer replied:

    Yuck, I hate long commutes and short days. They seem pointless.

    I'm so glad all is well with her heart!!

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