What would Freud say?

** warning–poop and baby discussions below**

So Sweetness has been horribly constipated the last few days, worse than ever before.  I spent yesterday practically forcefeeding her raisins and pears and finally around 6:oo she started straining something fierce.  She turned red and then just started sobbing.  She ran over to me, I picked her up, she snuggled in nice and close, relaxed, and then was able to poop.  This has happened 3 more times since then.  I just know that some Freudian psychologist out there would have a field day with this! 

Question for you cloth diapering folk out there–We’ve had some type of diaper rash or infection for the last 8 weeks, is it worth it to switch to cloth when she’s already this old?  Also, I couldn’t do it full-time, only on the days I don’t work.  Is it worth it to cloth only 4 days a week?  Would that even help?  I am just at my wit’s end with the rash and the miserable diaper changes?  We’ve systematically gone through her diet with no change, spent hundreds of dollars on prescription cream, and it’ll get better for a while but then flair up again.  I’ve got to try something and cloth is the only thing I can think of at this point.  Thanks in advance…


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Getting it all out…

So I’ve actually been blogging like crazy lately.  Furiously actually.  I’ve had a whole lot of negative, dark stuff going on in my head than I have had to get out.  Some of it’s family crap, some of it work crap, some IF but mostly it’s just crap.  It’s all sitting in purgatory in the draft folder.  There is no need to release all that negative energy into the blogosphere but boy do I feel better not having it stewing inside of me.  Now hopefully I’ll be able to get to thinking about better things.

Quick tech support questions, I downloaded wordpress for my ip.hone but can’t figure out how to publish from there?  Anyone know how?  I’m sure it’s ridiculously easy and all user error, as most things lately have been with me.  Thanks!

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So I’m spent this afternoon cleaning my bathroom in preparation for a renovation starting tomorrow.  This is not a fun reno by any stretch of the imagination.  Long story short; our tub somehow shifted slightly over time, letting water seep in around the edges, causing mold and rot which we only realized when the light fixture below the bathroom turned into a waterfall.   Good times…

But back to my cleaning.  I’m doing a great big purge.  Expired cough medicine, make up I bought thinking it would turn me glamorous, lotions I’ve gotten over the years that I don’t like the smell of, etc, etc.  I’m pretty much erring on the side of throwing everything out and keeping nothing but my contact stuff and toothpaste.  What I can’t throw out though are my positive pee sticks from my November angel and Sweetness.  How weird does that make me?  Not sure why I am holding on to them, especially Sweetness’.  The ones from the chemical make a little bit of sense to keep, as they are the only tangible proof that the baby ever existed.  But Sweetness…she’s amazingly asleep upstairs.  But I can’t throw them out.  So they’re packed up and will return to their place of honor in the bottom of a drawer next weekend

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