So I’m spent this afternoon cleaning my bathroom in preparation for a renovation starting tomorrow.  This is not a fun reno by any stretch of the imagination.  Long story short; our tub somehow shifted slightly over time, letting water seep in around the edges, causing mold and rot which we only realized when the light fixture below the bathroom turned into a waterfall.   Good times…

But back to my cleaning.  I’m doing a great big purge.  Expired cough medicine, make up I bought thinking it would turn me glamorous, lotions I’ve gotten over the years that I don’t like the smell of, etc, etc.  I’m pretty much erring on the side of throwing everything out and keeping nothing but my contact stuff and toothpaste.  What I can’t throw out though are my positive pee sticks from my November angel and Sweetness.  How weird does that make me?  Not sure why I am holding on to them, especially Sweetness’.  The ones from the chemical make a little bit of sense to keep, as they are the only tangible proof that the baby ever existed.  But Sweetness…she’s amazingly asleep upstairs.  But I can’t throw them out.  So they’re packed up and will return to their place of honor in the bottom of a drawer next weekend


November 9, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Michell replied:

    I think we all have odd things we can’t bear to part with. So they go back to their place of holding. Hope the renovation goes well and quickly.

  2. LJ replied:

    I am really good at throwing things out, but every now and again I find something I just can’t get rid of. I saw a similar pee stick a few weeks ago and I paused before sighing and letting it go.

  3. BeyondInfertility replied:

    I still have the positive pregnancy tests under our bathroom sink too. I guess when you fight for something for so long, it’s hard to let any piece of the puzzle go.

  4. chezperky replied:

    My husband almost had a FIT last year when he discovered (some of) my stash of positive pee sticks. (Little does he know that I’ve still got a couple!) I’ve got a couple from this pregnancy, too, though far fewer than with either of my previous pregnancies. I think you keep them for as long as you want to. I’d just suggest not bequeathing them to Sweetness … my dad recently gave me bunches of my baby teeth and I’m so grossed out. If TEETH gross me out, imagine if my mother handed me a bunch of pee sticks (I know they weren’t really available when she was pregnant with me, but go with me here…) from her pregnancies. Ick. 🙂

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