What would Freud say?

** warning–poop and baby discussions below**

So Sweetness has been horribly constipated the last few days, worse than ever before.  I spent yesterday practically forcefeeding her raisins and pears and finally around 6:oo she started straining something fierce.  She turned red and then just started sobbing.  She ran over to me, I picked her up, she snuggled in nice and close, relaxed, and then was able to poop.  This has happened 3 more times since then.  I just know that some Freudian psychologist out there would have a field day with this! 

Question for you cloth diapering folk out there–We’ve had some type of diaper rash or infection for the last 8 weeks, is it worth it to switch to cloth when she’s already this old?  Also, I couldn’t do it full-time, only on the days I don’t work.  Is it worth it to cloth only 4 days a week?  Would that even help?  I am just at my wit’s end with the rash and the miserable diaper changes?  We’ve systematically gone through her diet with no change, spent hundreds of dollars on prescription cream, and it’ll get better for a while but then flair up again.  I’ve got to try something and cloth is the only thing I can think of at this point.  Thanks in advance…

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  1. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    I would vote yes on the cloth diapers. Cotton Babies has come out with a really cheap version. You could get two packs of it for $100 ($50 per pack, each pack is a day’s worth of diapers) and probably be set. They only come in white and they are prefolds, but not any harder to use than the other kinds. Of course, the other kinds of diapers are much prettier and more fun. (If you don’t go the cheap version, I think I would try Cotton Babies’ other new version, Flip. It wasn’t around when I was buying diapers, but I think it is what I would get now.)

    And the reason I switched from disposables to cloth when I did was that Elizabeth got a massive rash that wouldn’t go away. But cloth did it and it cleared up quickly.

  2. k77 replied:

    I switched TBB to cloth when he was 18 months old. It’s never too late.

    TTG gets a rashy bum when he’s teething (we do not use diapers at all), could that be a factor for sweetness? Lots of naked bum time and squirting breastmilk on his bum help. Maybe try giving some probiotics as well.

  3. LJ replied:

    I agree, you definitely can try CDs at any time. Each day you use them is another day you aren’t spending money on diapers!

  4. Michell replied:

    No clue on the cloth diapers. I did have a mom when I worked NICU that “swore” that olive oil would clear up a rash. She rubbed it on babies bottom and there did seem to be an improvement. It might be just as expensive as the creams though, I don’t the EVOO is required though.

  5. K@ourboxofrain replied:

    I’m so sorry Sweetness is having so many bum-related issues 😦 That just sucks all around.

    We have been very happy with cloth (never had diaper rash!) and would make the switch at this point if we found ourselves in the position you do now. A lot of vendors offer various trial packages to let you check out different types and decide later (examples: http://www.jilliansdrawers.com/products/clothdiapers/tryclothfor10/tryclothfor10, http://www.diaperdaisy.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=374). There’s also Diaper Swappers, where you can buy used (http://www.diaperswappers.com/). I know some people who have found cloth to be the solution to severe diaper rash problems and have gotten their doctors to write notes to their daycares to get them to use them for medical reasons (our daycare was happy to use them even without a note — she had never had anyone ask before but was happy to try). If you go that route, you may have to opt for the easiest to use ones, which will be more costly, but it may be worth it.

    I hope you find a solution soon!

  6. chicklet replied:

    I have no clue re cloth vs disposable but have you tried “Butt Paste” – it’s a brand of cream for diaper rash that my mom friends swear works better than any other. Maybe worth trying?

  7. maresi replied:

    I think it’s never too late- go for it! We use a combo of prefolds/Thirsties covers and Bumgenius 3.0. Sweetness’ birthday buddy Maria rarely has rash.

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