That sneaky little bitch

Hope that is. It’s amazing how she sneaks in when you aren’t paying attention.

A little background. Back in mid November, we decided to figure out our medical finances for the new year, specifically how much we should set aside in our flex accts. Of course this turned into a talk on when to try for another baby. It was a little funny. Our roles were reversed. Mr. H is rearing to go, wants to head back to the drs in the spring. I really put the brakes on, I just didn’t feel ready to hop back on the rollercoaster. We decided to start timing things in the spring (likely a futile effort) and call the professsionals in the fall.

Fast forward a week and I’ve got the whole mittlesmertz in full effect. Happened to also be a weekend we had a little extra energy if you get my drift. What do I spend those next 2 weeks doing? You guessed it, over analyzing EVERYTHING. And what happened…you guessed it again. How pathetic am I? Why would I think that even with perfect timing I would end up pregnant? And why did I care so much?? I had just said that I wasn’t ready and wanted some time


December 16, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Michell replied:

    Hugs to you. That hope can be both a wonderful thing and a very pesky thing.

  2. calliope replied:

    ugh. hope can suck it

  3. Amanda replied:

    Yeah, hope can suck. And even when you’re not necessarily ready…it still sneaks in. (((hugs)))

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